Best Books We Should Not Miss Reading in Life

Book reading brings self-esteem and cognitive engagement in your life. Some books inspire you for life; others tell you how to live a successful one.

Books remain the quickest solution to our life problems till day. Book reading brings an unmatched source of inspiration and learning.

We have started a series of book reviews to bring you the best of the books you should read and get inspired. Our focus will be to suggest books that can help and transform your way of living.

Finance and investing take a toll if you don’t understand these concepts. Finance is cumbersome to understand. Investing and debt management need in-depth analyses and knowledge to bring benefits.

The first step that you can take to master finance and related topics is to educate yourself.

We have compiled a list of some of the best finance books that should help and get things started for you

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The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

One of the best books to make you rethink how millionaires become millionaires. The writers redefine the very concept of millionaires and how they accumulate wealth over time.

One step ahead, the writers would redefine the terms “wealthy” and “wealth”. The book is all about changing your mindset on earning wealth and spending it wisely.

Thomas and William argue that a person with a net worth of $ 1 million should be considered wealthy. The lifestyle of these rich and wealthy doesn’t apparently look luxurious. Neither all of them inherit much wealth, nor do they spend it like wasting money.

Broke Millennial: Stop Scraping By and Get Your Financial Life Together- by Erin Lowry

Erin has addressed the millennial group of young and enthusiasts who get “scraped” quickly.   The book isn’t about explaining complex financial techniques; rather it explains how to manage it.

Erin has explained in utter simplicity the reasons why young adults go broke and how they can deal with it.

The book offers great and practical advice on managing personal debts, manage savings, and bring financials in a healthy state. The book appeals to young adults in a plain and relatable manner.

The Intelligent Investor: By Benjamin Graham, Jason Zweig

A classing written on investing and understanding stock markets by Benjamin Graham. See what Warren Buffet himself has to say about the book, “By far the best book on investing ever written.”

Its first edition was published in 1949. Later editions tried to build on Benjamin’s philosophy of intelligent investing. Benjamin’s core stress is to focus on loss minimization with investing rather than thinking of profit maximization all the time. In that sense, it guides for long-term investing strategies rather than speculations and day-trading.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: By Robert T. Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki takes the reader to a real-life scenario by comparing a rich dad’s financial story with one of a poor dad. Kiyosaki’s intention is to teach parents on how they can teach their children about money.

Kiyosaki defies the notion of having high income streams to become rich and wealthy. One of the bestselling books on personal finance since it was published in 1997. The book to date has more than 36,000 reviews on Amazon.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street: By Burton Malkiel

Malkiel argues that individual and institutional investors aren’t rational all the time. Most investors rely on the speculative nature of a stock rather than rationally analyzing the investment returns.

“It is not hard to make money in the market. What is hard to avoid is the alluring temptation to throw your money away on short, get-rich-quick speculative binges. It is an obvious lesson, but one frequently ignored.”

It is one of the best books on investing learning. Malkiel has put the technical knowledge of investing in a plain way for the readers.

Your Money or Your Life: 9 Steps to Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence– By Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, Contributor (Mr. Money Mustache)

An inspirational book to make you rethink your relationship with money. Vicki Robin inspires people to live a financially healthy life by adapting to better habits rather than just shrinking the budgets.

Finance learners of every level can get advice from this book for savings, debt management, investing, and budgeting. Its revised version comes with more up-to-date learning about modern investments such as Bitcoin.

Secrets of Six Figure Women- By Barbara Stanny

In modern times, the list of millionaires includes an increasing number of women. Barbara Stanny conducted a comprehensive research about these women making successfully six figure income and beyond.

She interviewed more than 150 successful women from all walks of life. She identified a particular pattern and common traits in these successful women.

It is an articulated book on personal research and experience. The book can inspire all but in particular the best one for women.

The One Minute Sales Person

In this new edition of one of his classic books, The One Minute Sales Person, Spencer Johnson, the author of the number one New York Times bestseller Who Moved My Cheese?, shows you how to sell your ideas, products, or services successfully! This is the book that has proved to be a must-have for the millions of people who were looking for the quickest way to improve their selling skills.

The Money Manual – A Practical Money Guide to Help You Succeed On Your Financial Journey: By Tonya B. Rapley

From student loans to house mortgages and paying off debts, managing money can be perplexing.

Tonya Rapley wanted to guide the people struggling with tangling money management problems in a simple and convenient way.

The book offers practical and actionable tips on managing student loans, effective use of money, and building credit. This book offers an actionable plan to improve your financial skills and knowledge.

The Total Money Makeover- By Dave Ramse

Had you read this book earlier and acted upon the seven-step plan offered by Dave Ramsey, you probably would’ve survived the current recession well.

Dave Ramsey makes you prepared for the next emergency when it comes to financial wellness. From building an emergency fund to getting debt-free, and offering investment advice for retirement, the books as the name suggests covers the total money makeover.

It has remained a best-seller in the personal finance category since it was first published in 2003, and for some good reasons. It doesn’t give a get-rich overnight plan; rather it will give a comprehensive total remake of your financial health.

You Are a Badass at Making Money- By Jen Sincero

Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t make much money? Please don’t stress if you’re a millionaire. Jen Sincero shows us a mirror in a light way on what actually holds us back from making money.

A common notion is to play the victim card citing difficulties and hurdles. The book aims to take you through these habits and make your mind to rethink.

The book is based on Sincero’s personal experience on transformation from broke to a wealthy life. It is a must-read book if you want to money-making your natural habit.

Buying a home is a critical decision that many people often take only once in a lifetime. Understanding Mortgages can help you make this decision in a better way.

Investing in real-estate and making passive income through it another lucrative source of income. Real-estate is one of the few sectors considered naturally hedged against inflation.

Here are a few books to help you understand Mortgages and Real estate investments.

Mortgage Free: How to pay off your mortgage in under 10 years – without becoming a drug dealer By Heidi Farrely

By mortgage free Heidi means to own your dream house as quickly as possible. In fact, the book offers you a comprehensive plan to repay the house mortgage in less than 10 years.

People often struggle with deposits and bad credit to avail of good interest rates on mortgages.

The book offers an actionable plan for saving money for mortgage deposits, building credit, and paying off mortgages as quickly as possible.

The Barefoot Investor – The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need: By Scott Pape

The book is essentially about managing credit and loans. Scott Pape used real-life examples with an easy to understand the plan for saving house deposit and increasing income. The book offers you a comprehensive step-by-step approach to guiding investment, saving, and debt management.

How to Get Approved for the Best Mortgage without Sticking a Fork in Your Eye – By Ms. Elysia Stobbe

Closing a mortgage deal can be an overwhelming experience for many home buyers. The interest rates charged do not only depend on your credit score.

The lending restrictions and mortgage terms also do not solely rely on your personal credit score.

Banks, private lenders, and government funded mortgages all work differently. Mortgage closing becomes a perplexing task, especially for first-time home buyers.

Elysia Stobbe takes the challenging task of elaborating on the mortgage closing process. Follow the advice given in the book even if you’re an experienced buyer to get a smooth mortgage closing.

Reverse Mortgages: How to use Reverse Mortgages to Secure Your Retirement- by Wade D Pfau

Retired people often take a conservative approach when it comes to investing in post-retirement life.

Reverse mortgages can be a useful passive income tool if used wisely. Most people fear the loss of house equity they build over a lifetime.

Wade describes the research on bad impressions and all the negativity that surrounds reverse mortgages.

The book addresses the old-age retirees and advises them on how best to use the reverse mortgage opportunity without losing the emotional attachment with the house.

The writer argues the personal attachment with the house plays an important part in deciding about reverse mortgage planning.

Homeowner NOW: The 7 True Steps to Home Ownership- By Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is an experienced loan originator and mortgage advisor in the US. He brings in his experience of over 15 years of dealing with house mortgages.

The book provides a seven-step coaching plan for homebuyers to make the house mortgage work in their best interest. By seven “true” steps, Ben means the inside and factual tips that lenders use to lure the homebuyers. If you want to boss the house mortgage deals, read this book and act on one of the most realistic plans as much as possible.

Digital marketing is the new synonym of marketing today

A step further, social media marketing makes up a significant portion of the total marketing plans today.

A few years ago, no one would’ve thought about social media marketing to this extent. Here are a few books to help you understand the concepts of digital marketing. These books also help you make a better marketing plan and execution for any sort of marketing.

Building a Story Brand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller

Read the subtitle of the book again. Donald Miller exactly defines the very concept in a simplistic way in this book “building a story brand”.

The writer’s prime purpose is to teach the business owners (and marketers) on effective communication of their brand values to the customers.

He provides a seven-step actionable plan for the brand building strategy in a way that is easier to understand for the audience. It is a great learning curve for you in particular if you’re a marketing student.

Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing by Simon Kingsnorth

It is a comprehensive book on every aspect of digital marketing. Simon Kingsnorth wants you to integrate and put together all elements of online marketing in a coherent way. From social media marketing to email and content writing strategies.

The book aims to deliver valuable insights into modern digital marketing trends empowered by tools like AI and machine learning.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger

What information or precisely marketing message is Contagious or transmissible? Why certain messages are more popular than others.

This book by Jonah Berger does not convey any new marketing theory but provides an articulated approach in designing an effective marketing strategy.

This book will provide you an actionable plan from designing to implementation stages of a “contagious’ marketing plan.

This Is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See by Seth Godin

Marketing is all about visibility. If your product or service can’t be seen by the customers, it can’t be purchased. Seth Godin has transformed the marketing concepts in numerous ways. “This is marketing” remained one of the best sellers on Wall Street Journal. It will teach to effectively communicate with your customers, no matter how big or small the size of business you run.

The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, and Stand Out From the Crowd by Allan Dib

Many small businesses try to copy the marketing strategies and styles of large companies.

Allan Dib argues it might not work for your business just because it worked for someone else’s. Just as the name, the book will offer you a concise marketing plan for making new customers, and retaining the existing ones. The book will make you focus on creating your personalized marketing strategy considering your unique business requirements.

Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited:

Steve Krug’s guide helps hundreds of thousands of Web designers and developers to understand the principles of intuitive navigation and information design.

Self-Motivation and Personal Development Books

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz

One of the best books for self-motivation and personal development. It remained a best seller for the New York Times for over one decade.

This book by Don Miguel Ruiz, simple yet so powerful, has made a tremendous difference in how I think and act in every encounter.” — Oprah Winfrey

The four agreements in the book are:  Be impeccable in your world. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best.

The Alchemist: A Fable about Following Your Dream by Paulo Coelho

The award-winning Brazilian writer of 30 books Paulo Coelho describes the majestic self-discovery in a mystical way.

The writer’s books have sold more than 3 million copies so far. The alchemist is one of the most selling books ever in modern times. If you’re one of those who always listen to your heart, this book will surely touch you.

Atomic Habits – An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad One: By James Clear

The subtitle of the books very much explains what the book will really teach you. James Clear will make you rethink your concept of judging life success.

The book will teach you how you can adapt to the best habits and shun the bad ones that harm your life goals. The book includes real-life stories from successful personalities from different walks of life too.

Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts by Jennie Allen

We do what we think. Our emotions come from our thoughts. Our actions are defined by our thinking. Jennie Allen intrigues the notion of keeping our thoughts under control.

Often our self-esteem and success become captive of our toxic thinking style. The book is one of the best to teach you how you can transform emotions and thinking.

The Secret – By Rhonda Byrne

The book follows an originally made film on the same idea by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. It is all about bringing different segments of life in a coherent manner to harness success.

The not so secret formula of success is to look inside you and discover the hidden powers within. The secret learned with this book will make you a success in every segment of life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Dr. Covey’s 7 Habits book is one of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written. Now you can enjoy and learn critical lessons about the habits of successful people that will enrich your life’s experience. And, it’s in an infographics format that makes it easy for you to learn and apply Dr. Covey’s habits of successful people.