How to Prepare 100 Article for Micro Niche Blog

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Many people use affiliate marketing in micro niche sites to generate income. Yes, getting traffic on this kind of blog may be difficult. However, with the right articles, you can significantly increase your sales and ranking on search engines. An ideal piece for a micro niche blog doesn’t only answer the reader’s question but also provides solutions to it.

Are you struggling to create specific keyword content for your micro-niche blog? Do you want to reach a certain audience? Don’t fret! This post provides tips that will easily help you prepare 100 articles for your website.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Tips to Writing Article for Micro Niche Blog
  • Know your audience
  • Draft structure of your content
  • Use engaging titles and headlines
  • Write catchy introductions
  • Ensure the body is problem-solving
  • Use anchor phrases
  • Length of the article
  • Incorporate your affiliate products naturally
  • Examples of Micro Niche Blogs Ideas
  • Conclusion

Tips to Writing Article for Micro Niche Blog

Since a micro-niche blog focuses on specific keywords, you’re at an advantage of writing articles about what people are searching for. Undoubtedly, this will allow you to build your website with more content. Creating blog posts for a micro niche site isn’t very hard, in fact you can prepare several articles for it. That being said, here are some tips that’ll polish your articles for affiliate marketing.

Know your audience

Your content must be suited to your audience. You can utilize all the SEO tactics and create 100 articles for your site. However, it won’t increase your sales if your audience can’t relate to it. Study your audience and tailor your articles to them.

The way you’ll write a blog post for young adults suffering from low esteem will be different from how you’ll write for 70-year-olds looking for coats. Once you start creating articles for your specific audience, you’ll notice an increase in your affiliate link clicks.

Draft the structure of your content

The structure of your article is essential to your audience. Many people prefer to read content that has an introduction, body, and conclusion. To create an ideal article, ensure you include bullet lists and special marks. Besides, all your sentences and paragraphs should be brief and clear.

Use engaging titles and headlines

If you’ve already chosen a topic to write on, the next thing is to research the keywords under the topic. For your article to rank, you must include the main keyword in your title. This will play a role in the search engine optimization for your content.

For instance, if your blog post’s main keyword is “best fitness centers”, you can write “How to find the best fitness centers in America”. The overall aim of your content is to make a profit. Therefore, your title should be more catchy than your competitors.

Write catchy introductions

The first few words in your article will determine if your audience will remain on your site. An ideal introduction should be dramatic. It should make the readers curious and anxious to know the last words in the content. Plus, it should also comprise brief points of the topic that’ll let them know they’ll find answers.

The good thing about introductions is that there’s no definite way on how to write them. It can be funny, emphatic, or sad. No matter what approach you choose, it should drive your readers to check the solutions in your content. Keep in mind that your intro is a strategic SEO area. Thus, it’s vital you place a keyword in it.

Ensure the body is problem-solving

When creating an affiliate article for your micro-niche blog, your only aim shouldn’t be selling goods. Your content should also help people solve their problems. A comprehensive piece should have authentic and practical information for the readers. It should offer a solution with physical action.

Of course, it must also contain useful data and statistics. To reach a wider audience, ensure you add at least five long tail and two main keywords. These keywords will improve the SEO value of your content. Besides, they’ll increase your ranking on the search engine results page.

Use anchor phrases

Anchor phrases like “read more” or “click here” have gone out of style. Besides they won’t give your blog the maximum SEO it requires. Instead, add interesting phrases that’ll attract the attention of your audience. It can be a name of a person, place, or just facts.

For best results, ensure you make your anchor texts relevant. In an attempt to find good anchor texts, don’t forget to fit them naturally in your sentences. By doing this, your readers will click the embedded links in your article. This action will certainly increase your earnings.

Length of the article

When preparing articles for a micro niche site, the length should be put into consideration. A piece can be very interesting yet the word count may put people off. An article should be between 500-2000 words. Well, this is because the average content reading time is 2 minutes. Nobody wants to read a 6000-word review no matter how excellent a product is

However, for content optimization, it’s ideal that your article is more than 800 words. Why? You may ask. Google delivers results semantically. This means a longer content will have more headlines, metadata, ALT tags, Images, etc. In simpler words, Google will rank a longer article because it will deem it to have more information.

Incorporate your affiliate products naturally

Writing articles for a micro niche site shouldn’t feel like affiliate marketing. Instead, it should come off as an honest recommendation from a friend to a friend. This will allow you to build your readers’ trust. It’ll also go a long way in making the products appealing to your audience.

Examples of Micro Niche Blogs Ideas

There are multiple ideas you can write articles on. All you need to do is find a profitable affiliate marketing niche and search for specific keywords in that niche. Then focus on writing content on your preferred specific keyword. Here are some examples of micro niche ideas.

  1. Health- weight loss, fitness
  2. Technology- UPS for TV, Smartphone cameras
  3. Food- Microwave cake making, pizza decoration
  4. Entertainment- Upcoming artistes, Rock albums
  5. Travel- Winter Tour centers, America tour guide

The Final Word

Preparing 100 articles for a micro niche blog isn’t simple but once you know the basics, you’ll see a drastic difference in your website. Your blog post sells your affiliate products and they must be top-notch. With the right articles, you can take a giant step in the affiliate marketing space. This will not only allow you to earn money but you’ll also establish a brand name in your niche.


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