Tailwind Review: A Reliable Social Marketing Tool in 2021?

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Table of Contents

  1. Tailwind: In-Depth Review
  2. Key Features
  3. Features in Detail
  4. Plans and Pricing
  5. Terms and Conditions
  6. Customer Support
  7. Pros and Cons
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Conclusion

Provided Networks: Instagram, Pinterest

Type of Support: Email, FAQs.

Free Version: No

Free Trial: Yes

Type of Payment: Credit Card

Price Plans: Pinterest Plus ($14.99/mo), Instagram Plus ($14.99/mo)

Device Supported: Mobile

In-Depth Review

Tailwind is a world-class marketing tool for small businesses and bloggers. This site helps explicitly Pinterest and Instagram users to schedule their social media posts. With this, it drives real-time traffic to their pages. It also monitors the client’s account and picks the best period they’ll have high engagement.

The software makes posting and managing several accounts easier. Moreover, it provides users with new content. It began in 2011 as PinLeague. Presently, it’s trusted by over 500,000 top leading brands and 400 marketing companies, including Facebook.

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Key Features

Pinterest Tools

  • Tailwind Create
  • Post Scheduling
  • Tailwind Communities
  • Tailwind SmartLoop
  • Pinterest Monitoring & Trends
  • Pinterest Analytics & Reporting
  • Content Optimization

Instagram Tools

  • Instagram Planner
  • Instagram Hashtag Finder
  • Instagram Post Planner App
  • Smart.Bio
  • Audience Management

Features in Detail

Since it’s a marketing software, its purpose is to maximize the client’s social network. Tailwind implements fantastic features to expand its user’s audience to reach and create a posting schedule. Undoubtedly, these tools make the software a good investment for individuals. Learn more about these features below.

Pinterest Scheduling

This tool creates a schedule that visually provides the subscribers with the entire pins they’ll post in a week. With one click, it generates a personalized plan with the most engaging period for the client’s audience. Plus, it optimizes their pin title and description. It also allows them to edit the pins for the best results.

Pinterest Monitoring and Trend

This feature allows subscribers to track how their content grows organically. It analyzes trending topics to enable the clients to know what their audience needs. Besides, it places its users a step ahead of others by providing them with common keywords and topics. Ultimately, this will improve their SEO and keep them afloat on their brand.

Tailwind SmartLoop

People spend so much time searching for the images that’ll bring traffic to their page. The SmartLoop operates to maximize the potential of the user’s best-performing pins. With it, individuals can reshare and recirculate relevant images to increase their performance. Automatically, this will save them hours of carrying out repetitive tasks.

Tailwind Communities

This is a vital tool that allows the subscribers to connect with other creators in their space. This way, they can all grow together and share fresh ideas. Tailwind has over 20,000 communities, making it easier for individuals to chat, collaborate, and learn from each other.

Instagram Scheduling

Like the Pinterest scheduling tool, it helps the users plan a week’s post under 15 minutes. It boosts their engagement by providing them with trending hashtags and automatically publishes their posts or videos. Besides, it offers them time-saving shortcuts like font-formatting, location tagging, and user tagging.

Instagram Analytics and Reporting

This is a smart Instagram assistant that visually plans the user’s feed with a built-in content plan. It optimizes every post to stand out with the hashtag finder. Plus, it auto-updates the links to the client’s brand in the background. It’s unlikely that its subscribers will run out of content ideas with this tool in place.

Attention Heading:

It’s services work best for bloggers and small enterprises.


This is Tailwind’s link in bio tool. It systematically builds a landing page that sends traffic from the user’s bio to their actual content. With this feature, individuals will not have to worry about continually changing their links. Through it, they can easily promote their products, drive traffic to their site, and turn followers into verified customers.

Plans & Pricing

The software has two plans and several powerUp packages to increase the users social network growth. However, it’s main plans are for Instagram and Pinterest. Not only does it have a free trial but it’s very affordable. Surprisingly, tailwind doesn’t have a specific deadline for its free trial. However, user’s are required to upgrade to its plus plans where they’ll enjoy maximum benefits. Below is its pricing in detail.

PlanPricing ($)Term
Pinterest Plus119.98Annually
Instagram Plus119.98Annually
Tailwind Create7.49Monthly
Tailwind Communities4.99Monthly

Terms and Conditions

The agreement defines the roles of Tailwind and the client in the use and provision of its services. By accessing the software. Individuals agree to be bound by all their rules. Its services are only available to users who are above the age of 18.

A person who doesn’t meet all the eligibility requirements will not be allowed to use the app. Besides, the document expressly states that they treat every information of the subscribers as confidential.

Information Heading:

Tailwind owns copyright over all pictures and videos used in creating content for their subscribers.

Privacy Policy

The site upholds its customers in esteem and can’t apply the data collected through a third party. It only gathers personal information that they can use to identify their users. By this, they require the user’s name, organization, domain, website, email address, telephone number, Pinterest, and Instagram profile.

 The app only collects data that’ll help them improve their services. Plus, it’ll not knowingly collect the personal information of a minor. In a situation where it’ll need the user information to contact them, it relies on consent. Thus, people can withdraw and decline this if they feel their rights are infringed.

Information Heading:

The app automatically collects the user’s location data, third part application data (Pinterest and Instagram), and accesses the metadata on their device.

Refund Policy

No matter the error or shortcoming on the user’s part. Tailwind can’t refund their money. In a situation where the mistake is from their services, they offer a full refund to the individual. They also don’t return the user’s money for partially used subscriptions. Moreover, a person who cancels the paid account before the subscription period will continue to have access to it till it expires.

Warning Heading:

Tailwind doesn’t accept PayPal as a means of payment. A person can only use their debit card through PayPal to make payment.

Customer Support

The app is focused on providing the best support to add value to their services. It utilizes two mediums to meet the needs of its clients. Individuals can either reach out to them through their mail or chat with a representative in their FAQ section.


Since it does not offer telephone support, people who wish to contact and reach out to them directly can go through their mail at help@taliawindapp.com. Users can also click the blue question mark at the right corner of their dashboard to automatically message them. However, this channel is not faster than chat as they both go to the same place.

Online Chat

They have a responsive customer support team that answers the questions of their users. They also have a blog with special articles to help individuals get started in using their services. In the FAQ section, subscribers may even be lucky to find already provided solutions to their budding problems.

Pros and Cons

Tailwind makes marketing easy for every person, no matter their experience level or skill. Like every other software, it has its shortcomings. Reviews have scored it to be 8.3 out of 10. This means despite its outstanding service, some people have found it unsatisfactory. Here are some of its pros and cons


  • The software interface is user friendly.
  • It makes the promotion of brands easy and stress-free.
  • The scheduling algorithm gives users the best exposure to grow their accounts.
  • It has a responsive customer support team.
  • It’s perfect for batch working.
  • It allows users to interact with other individuals.
  • It saves time and eliminates the guesswork of pinning images.
  • It has real-time analytics.


  • It’s only limited to Pinterest and Instagram.
  • It has limited options for creating pins.
  • It doesn’t have a multi-image post on Instagram.
  • The built-in chat feature is complicated.

Tailwind Alternatives

In the marketing space, various companies provide similar services as tailwind. They have tools that make them as reputable as this software. Some of them include Hootsuite, Later, Buffer, CoSchedule, etc. However, this review gives an insight into the top three.

Hootsuite: Social Media Advocate

This is a social media marketing platform that helps both large and small businesses to grow their brand. It helps them to improve their customer relationship. It integrates with over 200 business applications to assist companies in boosting their revenue. Ultimately, it gives its users insights into their market and provides them with tools to maximize their brand.

Buffer: Intuitive, Cheap, and Efficient

Buffer is a streamlined software that assists people to drive high traffic and engagements on social media. The site has several tools that it uses in publishing, optimizing, and optimizing its client’s account in real-time. Several leading top brands, agencies, and businesses utilize it to drive the best results on their social pages.

Sprout Social: Potential for Top Brands

This is a full-service social marketing tool. It offers individuals with impressive analytics and management to improve their social media strategy. With it, people can connect and deliver value to their audience. For individuals in doubt about its services, it offers a 30-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tailwind Offer Discount to Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes, it does. The app is built to help small businesses and individuals grow. Undoubtedly, this includes non-profit making enterprises. To get a discount, these organizations must provide their employer identification number (EIN) or any other proof that shows their status. After this, they’ll receive a 50% discount on their payment plan.

How Many Accounts can PlusPlan Cover?

The price of a PlusPlan is $14.99 monthly and $119.98 yearly. This is the amount for a single account a user wishes to grow. For example, if a person wants to market two Pinterest accounts. This means they will pay $29.98 monthly and $239.76 yearly. In simpler words, the PlusPlan only covers one social media page.

Tailwind: The Final Verdict

Tailwind app may not meet all the subscriber’s marketing needs. However, it puts them in a better position of working with valuable insights. Since its inception in 2011, it has offered marketing solutions to its customers. No doubt, it prioritizes creating the Pinterest and Instagram platform better for its users in 2021 and subsequent years.

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