How to Make Money With Micro-Niche Affiliate Marketing in 2021: A Roadmap To Success

How to Make Money With Micro-Niche Affiliate Marketing in 2021: An In-Depth Guide
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Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business.

Like any other business, it requires skill, hard work, and strategy to bear many fruits. Micro-niching is one of such tactics. It leverages specific markets to generate traffic, close more sales, and earn money.

This article dissects the various tricks to making money as a micro-niche marketer. Read on to find out more interesting details.

Table Of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Micro-niche Affiliate Marketing?
  3. Why on Sub-niche Marketing Strategy?
  4. Tips to Choose the Perfect Micro-Niche
  5. 5 Best Specilization Ideas for 2021
  6. How to Be Successful With Your Chosen Target Market?
  7. Some of the Outstanding Blogs
  8. 5 Means to Make Money With Sub-Niche Marketing
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
  10. Conclusion

What Is Micro-Niche Affiliate Marketing?

Micro-niche associate marketing is a sales tactic that focuses on a highly specific market. As the name implies, it is a subset of a normal niche. It drills down the larger audience to target customers with particular needs and interests.

Here is an example. A sub-niche like ebony skincare is a subclass of the skincare niche. Rather than attract a bigger audience, it drives its focus towards the most appropriate set. Likewise, do other subdivisions like “home work-outs” or “gym equipment” against a broader “fitness” category.

General SubjectMajor NicheMicro-Niche
HealthWeight LossHome work-outs; Waist Trainers; Weight-loss diets.
FashionMen’s FashionMen’s Luxury Wristwatches; Office Wears and Accessories for Males;  
BeautyHaircareDry Hair Care

Why Work on Sub-Niche Affiliate Marketing in 2021?

The main idea of a micro-target marketing strategy is to minimize competition. Due to its streamlined nature, it hosts an audience with higher buyer intent.

The above benefits are only a few among many others. Read on to find out more interesting details.

High Conversion Rate

Sub-niche marketers usually have an audience with a higher intention to make a purchase. These visitors mostly search for specific and high-quality information. Hence, it is easier to plan a strategy to get more organic traffic and close sales.

For example, people who seek info on a type or model of grease gun are likely to be interested in getting top-quality advice and recommendations.

Lower Competition

A lesser number of competitors characterizes a micro-market. Hence, it is easier to gain visibility using this strategy.

Aside from that, a sub-niche blog is likely to rank higher to more specific and long-tail keyword searches due to lower competition in such areas.   

Requires Lesser Volume of Content

Another advantage of this tactic is that it requires relatively fewer posts to sustain traffic. A micro-niche newbie can start small and publish far less frequently to maintain its click-rate compared to the mainstream niches. That is mainly due to its smaller volume and narrower categories of audiences’ demand.

Attention Heading:

The above point does not undermine the importance of quality and consistent posting.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Micro-Niche in 2021

Selecting a sub-niche can be quite easy. However, people must be careful to choose an area that is perfect for them. All they need is the right guide to help them through the process.

Some of such high-priority tips are presented below:

Find a Profitable Area

The primary reason for being an affiliate is to earn money. Hence, finding a profitable micro-market is an essential factor when making a decision. The following steps give details on how to find a high-paying niche.

  1. Visit Quantcast to discover top sites on the internet. The goal here is to find out the industry that people visit most (health, travel, music, etc.) and not the website themselves.
  1. Search the top sector (e.g., travel) on Quora to see the most common questions people mostly ask. Pick some sub-niche ideas from there. (For example, US travel destinations).
  1. Check the monetization rate of each choice with the Clickbank tool.
  1. Double-check the selection using Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner. To do that, visit search volume for phrases, type in the sub-niche, and select ‘Get Ideas.’

Analyze the Competition

Despite being a smaller market, it is important to check for competing sites and bigger brands before choosing the category. Here is how to go about it.

  1. Search for keywords on Google to see top rivals.
  1. Put their links on paid tools like Semrush or Ahrefs to gather relevant info about each of them.

Information Heading:

It is advisable to avoid niches with high saturated competition or big brands. The reason is that it would likely take a few years to beat their site authority and rank high in such categories.

Focus on a Problem

The relevance of a website is the degree of help and the valuable information it gives. For example, affiliates can build their brand by providing natural diet hacks to battle cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. 

Added to that, focusing on a problem helps individuals to keep their scope in check as they grow.

Choose a Comfortable Area.

The business of affiliate marketing requires patient building. It demands consistent delivery of quality posts, the dedication of time and effort. Hence, individuals need to choose a field they are comfortable in and passionate about. These points keep them from struggling with content and running out of motivation. 

After marketers venture into an area, it is essential to test if it is right for them. If it isn’t, they can move quickly to another category.

5 Best Micro-Niche Affiliate Marketing Ideas for 2021

There is a countless number of micro-niches, but some are more lucrative than others. That may be due to the popularity of those queries and the possibility for rapid growth.

Below are five hot-selling ideas in 2021

Kitchen Decoration

This idea is a lucrative subdivision under the larger home decor category. It accommodates a wide range of topics; hence, people are unlikely to run out of ideas. Individuals can create content about how essential it is to have an attractive kitchen. They can also develop in-depth discussions on best arrangements, fancy appliances, furniture, lighting, flooring, etc.

Dog Foods and Treat

Pets niche is a big business, and dog food and treats are one of the biggest contributors. Individuals can publish posts on healthy and unhealthy diets, ways to make the best foods, breed-specific feeding habits, and care, etc. Topics like these and reviews on several feeds will be helpful to the dog-owners.

Diets for Weight Loss

This subject enjoys much popularity in search queries. That makes it a top option for those who seek high traffic. It also contains numerous interesting tops.

However, it may not suit everyone. It requires a good level of knowledge, research, and experience to develop quality posts consistently. A sound example of a topic in this category is “Low Carb Menu for Burning Fat.”

Dry-Hair Care

Haircare is a sub-niche of the broad beauty subject but is still a very big topic for one blogger handle. Concentrating on the care of dry hair is a perfect streamlined focus.

Such fields can accommodate versatility in topics. For example, individuals can write on “7 Signs that You Have a Dry Hair.” They can also go in-depth by discussing common problems and their treatment, the best products for haircare, etc. People can also sell their lotions, conditioners, and other items suitable for their audience.

Men’s Dating Tips

Subjects on relationships have consistently maintained high search volume. Also, dating sites and blogs collectively generated billions of dollars in revenue. It is a perfect pick to attract a lot of traffic.

Men’s Dating Tips is a micro-target of the larger love niche. It features possible topics such as: “Characters You Have to Accept in A Single Mother,” “7 Things Every Woman Wants from Her Man,” etc. There are many other examples.

How to Be Successful With Your Chosen Micro-Niche?

No matter how lucrative sub-niche marketing may seem, skill and diligence is required to attain success. This section provides more tips on how to record the best performance and result in 2021.

Create Solid Content

Quality copies are key to turn prospects into subscribers and customers. It magically increases the average page views, returning visitors, and conversion rate. The explanation is simple. People tend to revisit a site if they are sure that they’ll get answers and solutions to their problems.

More so, affiliates should ensure that their posts are SEO-friendly. Adding necessary keywords make the page to rank higher on search engines.

Provide Information and Help Rather Than Sell

Many people lose by frequently posting advertisement content and little valuable info. They should rather provide more details that help solve problems. Also, it is preferable to give a full review of a product rather than flat-out promote it.

Eventually, marketers will gain the trust of their audience. They may also record a better conversion rate and a higher site authority.

Engage Visitors

Another important tip to success is to engage visitors. Affiliates should always invite their viewers or readers to share comments. They can also endeavor to reply to the contributions and address them appropriately.

This idea helps to create a sense of belonging in the prospects. It also assists marketers in knowing what their customers wish to learn about. Such community-like engagements easily convert a stray-click to an active subscription.

Be Consistent

The gist about consistency being an age-long recipe for success remains true. Growing to earn as much as Pat Flynn ($50,000+ monthly) is not child’s play. It demands continuous delivery of top-quality posts alongside the other points mentioned above.

Steadfastness is easier to maintain when people market in their perfect niche. It keeps them motivated and full of ideas.

Always Research

Systematic and adequate research helps to keep marketers updated on the latest methods and trends. That includes new keywords, better tools for analysis, changing customer preferences, etc. As a result, individuals can understand the market and know their customers better. They are also empowered to create new and better content consistently.

Some Outstanding Micro-Niche Blogs

The role of mentors on the journey to success is extremely important. This section presents a few examples of top-class micro-niche blogs with some commentary on each of them.


MotorAuthority began in 2006 as a small enthusiast website focusing on automotive products and industry news. It has now grown to become a giant blog in the performance and luxury segments category. It has a community of over 2 million people who rely on the site for accurate information on big-money automobiles.

Green Exam Academy

This blog was founded in 2008 by the renowned affiliate marketer, Peter Flynn. It specializes in preparing prospective individuals for the LEED professional examination. It does that by providing study guides, tutorials, and practice exams to prepare students for the test’s several courses.

Since its founding, it has helped thousands of people inside and outside the US pass the screening.

Johnson’s Baby

The Johnson’s is a baby-care micro-target blog. It offers various tips and instructions on how to take the utmost care of babies. These range from topics like pre-delivery preparation to skincare, sleep, etc. The site also shelves various products for sale, including lotions, powders, wipes, soap, etc


Andie Mitchell is the creator of this leading blog in the weight-loss dieting specilization. The site provides various recipes to thousands of loyal audiences. It also showcases several books and items available for sale.

How to Make Money With Sub-Niche Affiliate Marketing

There are several means of generating income as a sub-niche marketer. The most popular revenue streams include referrals and sales commissions gotten from vendors. Aside merchants’ payment, individuals can use several other methods to earn money through their channels.


Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows people to run ads on their website, blog, or YouTube videos. They get paid each time visitors click on them (pay-per-click).

To be eligible for this revenue-generating opportunity, affiliates’ blogs must:

  • Be active for at least six months and generate a sufficient amount of traffic.
  • Attract around 250 unique visitors per day to complete the necessary conversions.

Private Ad-space

Selling private ad-spaces is a major source of income since the marketer determines the price. So, to attract lucrative deals, the site will need to have good reachability and good traffic.

Additionally, individuals can sell affiliate links on their sites. This method is largely dependent on the quality of content and the number of loyal audiences. As their trust in the marketer increases, they are more likely to click the link. The payment method here is usually click-based (PPC).

Paid Posts and Sponsored Reviews

People pay bloggers to feature a guest post on their blogs. They can make deals to have reviews on their products or services. Like selling private ad-spaces, revenue generated is based on an agreement between both parties.

Many big sites have flat rates for these services. However, this method is most effective if the website has developed large and fairly stable traffic.

Paid Membership

Some blogs require subscribers to pay a monthly or one-time fee to access their sites’ full features. Although it is not popular, it is an effective way of generating recurring income if done properly.

Websites that use paid subscription leverage on the value of the information they offer. They usually provide consultancy services to subscribers. An example is Food Blogger Pro, Scott’s Cheap Flights, etc.

Selling Personal Products and Books

Individuals selling personal products through their blogs is a common stream of income. In some cases, affiliates accept to sell the books of other authors on their site. Then, they take a commission on every sale.

Warning Heading:

Affiliates should ensure that whatever they sell is relevant to the niche and their audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find the Right Micro-Niche Keywords?

Sub-niche or long-tail keywords can be gotten through various tools- paid or free. The most common is the Google Keyword Planner. To use it, individuals can search for a topic or phrase. Then, find the long queries with 0-10 and 10-100 search volume. These are probable micro-niche keywords.

Some other tools that can be used to find the right power words are:

  • AnswerThePublic
  • Google Autosuggest
  • Ubersuggest
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs, etc.

What Are the Benefits of Using Micro-Niche Marketing Strategy?

The advantages of using sub-niche for affiliate promotions are numerous. Aside from the multiple discussed earlier in this piece, here are some more interesting merits.

  • It is much easier to focus and develop on a sub-niche than the entire mainstream market.
  • Marketers can respond faster to changes happening in their target audience.
  • Individuals can quickly become experts by concentrating on building their brand within one micro-market at a time.

Wrapping Up

The concept of micro-niche associate marketing provides numerous benefits. It saves a lot of stress from competitors yet produces great results. Nonetheless, the strategy also requires hard work and skill to earn big. This piece contains enough tips to drive any marketer to top-level in 2021.

Do you have any questions, comments, or contributions? Kindly write them in the box below.


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