LinkFool – SEO Service: Is It A Hit Or Miss?

LinkFool review
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An SEO optimizing tool is a must-have for every business, be it a small or a big one. If a business wants an online presence, they need SEO optimization. Luckily, for every business owner’s ease, there are plenty of services offering SEO optimization with a promise to bring more traffic to your website and increase its ranking. 

In my previous post, I have written on how to increase blog traffic with SEO.

Today, I’ll talk about one such service, LinkFool, so you can determine if it’s the right service for you. Below, let’s dive into everything this service has to offer!

Affiliate Marketing: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you use the link to buy a product, I get a commission, at no cost to you but help me survive my blog and produce more articles. 

What Is LinkFool?

LinkFool is a marketing and SEO service designed to help you grow your site’s rankings. When you first look at LinkFool, it seems like just another ordinary SEO tool. However, given that there are many SEO tools in the market today, you must be asking, how is LinkFool different? 

LinkFool knows how to divert traffic to your site and will provide you with intelligent backlinks. Their backlink tool is impressive. You will always get linked to sites that are relevant to your niche and the keywords you want to target with their help. 

This SEO service aims to add value to your business. They allow users to personalize their experience through the use of an SEO specialist. This specialist is assigned specifically to you to study your site exclusively and cater to all your needs. 

If that wasn’t enough, you also wouldn’t have to worry about the following things once you sign up with them:

  • Automated Spam
  • Forum Profiles
  • Excessive social bookmarking
  • Irrelevant junk
  • Over optimized redundant keyword anchor text.

So, do these services even work? The answer is yes! Users have seen significantly increased traffic on their website after only a few weeks of signing up with LinkFool. This heavy traffic occurs primarily due to LinkFool’s smart keyword placement services. 

Another benefit of using LinkFool is that they make your site a referral link for others, causing an increased amount of referral traffic, which will ultimately give a significant boost to your business.

However, LinkFool is not a magic solution to all your problems. The result you get from their service depends on some external factors, such as how long your website’s been online and how much competition you have. 

How It Works

At LinkFool, the main goal is to devise a strategic plan to improve your rankings based on your website. Each website has its individuality. Every business has its targets, according to which LinkFool will come up with smart backlinks. 

Imagine this, you work tirelessly to create your website – but you’re barely getting any traffic. Frustrating, isn’t it? But what you must understand is that traffic comes from the strategic use of keywords. There is a volume to every keyword, and the higher volume, the stronger the competition. 

For example, if someone searches for “the best cable services,” they will get more than a million results. But if someone searches for “the best cable services in Texas,” they will get results narrowed down specifically to Texas. 

As important as it is for your website to have SEO optimization so that it is getting global traffic, it is also essential to get local traffic. You have higher chances of reaching potential customers locally than you do globally. Non-specified keywords have more competition as well, and it can easily take weeks for your ranking to increase. 

How do you avail LinkFool’s services? Luckily, signing up with LinkFool is quite simple. All you need to do is choose a package, and then you will be set up in no time. LinkFool offers a variety of packages, with pricing starting from $79 and going up to $199, depending on what package you invest in.

Why LinkFool Is So Convenient

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with LinkFool’s service or feel like you weren’t delivered what you expected, you can always get your money back. To us, this seems like a win-win situation. 

High-Quality Backlinks

Depending on what package you choose, you can get up to 50 high-quality backlinks that will help build a fair amount of traffic for your site.

Deep Link Page

You can get up to 2 deep link pages, as well. Since these are more specific links, they’re likely to drive more traffic to your site. 

Personal SEO strategist

This one was my favorite. How great is it that you get your SEO strategist you can stay in touch with on a day to day basis? If you ever have any questions, queries, or requests, you will have a personal strategist ready to help you. 

Other reasons

You don’t have to sign a contract when you get into business with LinkFool. Nor do you have to pay a setup fee, making using the service extremely easy and comfortable for anyone. 

You get monthly reports about your progress, in addition to the existing tool that allows you to track your progress. LinkFool also gives monthly reports so that you can see how much you have benefited from their services.

If there was anything we would have liked done differently, it would be the availability of analytics and onsite page optimization for every package. But, other than that, we have no complaints thus far.


LinkFool takes pride in its services and sells them with confidence. If you’re interested but are a bit reluctant to spend some money, don’t be! They have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see an increase in traffic and your site ranking. Honestly, with that confidence, I feel like their services are worth a shot. 

To me, they seem like the right tool for any business. I hope this article helped you make a decision!


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