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ShareASale is an affiliate marketing program used by a lot of merchants. It helps them promote their products to a larger audience through channels like blogs, social media campaigns, emails, and much more. Added to that, it is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and efficient.

Overall, the website connects sellers to people who are willing to promote their products to potential customers. These individuals are called affiliates. Their goal is to create more engagement on the website, increase sales, and earn commission on every customer they bring.

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Quick Overview of ShareASale

ShareASale is part of the Awin group. It was founded by Brian Littleton in 2000 and is now a top affiliate program in the industry. The software serves over 3900 merchants and even more marketers. Among its clients are notable names like Reebok, Spanx, Proozy, Claire’s, etc.

The website provides a platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to advertise their products. To do this, they are to create a customized affiliate program. Then, they can review all applications to select qualified marketers.

Affiliate Marketing: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you use the link to buy a product, I get a commission, at no cost to you but help me survive my blog and produce more articles. 

Steps to Sign up on ShareASale

Registering your company on the website is a simple process. All you need is your mobile device and internet access. Once you have that ready, follow these steps, and you’ll be done in a few minutes.

Step 1: Create an account

To create an account, first visit the website and select sign-up. Then, fill in your necessary information, contact address, website, email, and other details. The website will require you to create a username and password. Input the details and select sign up. You’re ready to go. Now, let’s set up a logo.

Step 2: Set us logos

The site has different categories of banners and company icons. To set them up, select ‘set up logo’ from the set-up wizard. Next, upload the pictures of the main and additional logos. ShareASale has specific parameters that guide the types of pictures you can use. Also, be sure to choose the icons and images that present your product well.

 Step 3: Program agreement

This is the stage where you set up the legal agreement between your affiliates and you. The Program Agreement is the guideline that controls how your potential affiliates advertise your products. Ensure that the terms are favorable for you and your prospective affiliates.

Step 4: Setting up the tracker

This step allows you to set up the tracker on your site and choose your shopping cart. The tracker notifies you whenever an affiliate refers to a potential customer on your website. To set this up, follow the set-up wizard until the end and fill in the appropriate fields’ correct details.

Step 5: Fees and payment

Here is the final step of setting up your merchant account on ShareASale. Here, you pay the one-time registration fee that activates your account, and you leave a deposit in your merchant account to pay affiliates.

Information Header –

 Every merchant is to pay $550 for a one-time network access fee. They are also required to pay an additional $100 deposit to pay affiliates.

How to be Successful as Merchants on ShareASale

Many entrepreneurs scale up their business using affiliate marketing. Reviews from various merchants prove that ShareASale has a top-notch marketing network.

The way it operates is simple. Once you set-up and display your program, affiliates can apply to join. Then, they can have access to promote your product links.

The overall benefit of using affiliate marketers is that they run continuous and aggressive advertisements for you on their platforms.

That is logical because their success is proportional to their commission. As a result, you can enjoy more sales, popularity, and partnerships.

However, to succeed as an affiliate merchant is not A, B, C. It requires skill, focus, and discipline. Here are a few tips on how to be a successful merchant on ShareASale:

Complete the merchant checklist

The first step to creating an efficient affiliate program is to understand the system. Navigating the program may be a little tricky, but not impossible.

Once you activate your merchant account, ShareASale will send a New Merchant Welcome kit to you. This booklet contains a set-up checklist for the tools and features available on the program and the best way to utilize them.

It is an invaluable tool, especially for someone new to the ShareASale platform. It helps you understand and use the programs, guidelines, and tools available to you. Also, it enables you to review your engagement, affiliate activity, and the progress of your brand.

Therefore, getting familiar with this platform is the first step to ensuring that you get the most out of the ShareASale program.

Offer great incentives

An attractive commission rate is what lures affiliates to work with a particular brand. Brands with more lucrative offers tend to have more skilled affiliates partnering with them.

Since ShareASale is a performance-based program, affiliates earn according to the customers they bring to the website. Hence, your commission rate needs to be encouraging to promote your brand and give your business a competitive edge.

Undoubtedly, this is crucial to creating a successful business platform on the website.

On the other hand, to prevent partners’ unethical activities due to these incentives, you can extend your commission lock date. That allows you to have more time to review potential partners and monitor their activities.

Information Heading:

Merchants can pay incentives using two methods. The percentage basis gives marketers a portion of the profit on each sale, while flat rates pay a fixed agreed amount.

Monitor affiliate performance

Affiliates come from a diverse group of web developers, agencies, bloggers, and more. They advertise your product in various ways based on their audience.

They have a customized link that connects them to your business profile. That is the link that prospective buyers will use to access your business page from the affiliate’s advert posts.

ShareASale has an interface that allows you to monitor its performance and number of referrals.

It also provides a report that helps you to know your most potent and most efficient marketers. Similarly, this interface allows you to ensure that affiliates maintain ethical values and avoid misconduct or fraud.

Capitalize on affiliates’ strength

The affiliate tracking feature of the website allows you to identify your most vital marketers. It provides reports that show how many referrals and leads each affiliate provided. Then, you can work closely with affiliates that perform excellently.

The affiliates may cut across a diverse group of agents, bloggers, and web developers. You can work closely and design programs tailored to suit those groups or individual affiliates that are high-performing. That will make your program more efficient, increase sales, and utilize your best affiliates’ strengths.

Develop a good program agreement

A program agreement is a legal document with guidelines of operation for all potential affiliate partners. It helps you control how they advertise your business by restricting them from using methods you don’t like. More, it assists you in finding a strategy that works best for your business profile.

A good program agreement will protect your business, and at the same time, create a structure that keeps your advertisements uniform. When creating yours, ensure that it is straightforward and easy to understand. Also, state the rules of the agreement and the penalty for offenders.

You can create your program agreement when setting up your business profile on ShareASale

Be clear about your program

The structure and appeal of your page may influence, attract or repel prospective partners. That is where you sell your business to potential affiliates. You must give a detailed explanation of your product or service and the type of program structure you have. Let them know what makes your product unique.

Your page should also feature a call to action that encourages affiliates to join. That is the first step towards attracting and working with affiliates to increase your business engagement and promote your brand.

Improve your communication

The key to any good relationship is communication. The same is right in the interaction between you and your affiliates. You might not have a one-on-one relationship with them since the advertisement process runs without your interference.

However, it is always a good idea to reach out to your affiliates. For example, you can send them tailored messages, giving quarterly updates, and accommodate their requests. Those little steps work magic to improve your engagement and their advertisements.

Regular review

ShareASale’s database allows merchants to track the progress of their product advertisements, engagements, and sales. It provides insights that assist you in monitoring your account and the leads generated by your affiliates.

Regular reviewing of these reports and data enables you to make necessary improvements. It also helps you to capitalize on the areas that are most beneficial to your business.

It informs your decisions and tailors your strategies so you can achieve your business goals. Undoubtedly, this tip is essential for creating a successful program that works for you.

Keep affiliates informed

Monthly or weekly updates in newsletters keep affiliates informed about the available products and programs. Your product is most likely not the only product your affiliates are advertising. So, it is crucial to maintain regular communication with them.

Marketers work based on the information available to them. Hence, it is essential to inform them about promotions, statistics on best performers, new products, and more.

Keeping your affiliates informed and motivated is one of the best ways to improve your products’ quality of advertising. Without good advertising, it won’t be easy to generate sales through the ShareASale network.

Have a plan

One of the most important keys to being a successful merchant on ShareASale is having a detailed plan. It accomplishes these goals. It ensures you have a reference document to look back on while you customize your affiliate program to suit your products.

It also gives you an idea of the kind of affiliates you want to work with, evaluate their performance, and how best to promote your product. In all, it helps you to strategize and improve your business platform over time.

Be creative with your inventory

A creative inventory includes banners, promotional videos, and other resources that affiliates can use in promotions. It should be engaging, creative, and concise.

It should represent a summary of the brand and the product. Your banner, most significantly, is the pitch that your partners will use to advertise. Hence, it should have a call to action that encourages them to join your business.

Provide your affiliates with as many creative banners, promotional videos, and product images as possible. The more available and innovative it is, the easier it is for affiliates to do a good advertising job.

Information Heading –

The ShareASale platform allows you to monitor your banner. It provides insights into the performance of each material. It will enable you to see which ones your affiliates are using more, which helps you track your progress and gain insight into how it affects your sales.

Select the best affiliates

The ShareASale program aims to connect you to affiliates who will advertise your products. Affiliates are crucial in the growth of your business, but they can also harm your brand.

They are responsible for creating content, advertisement, blog posts, and promotional ads about your business. Giving the wrong affiliates this responsibility could lead to dismal results. That is why it is essential to be cautious when selecting partners.

Usually, merchants require potential affiliates to fill out an application form that allows them to have information about their affiliates and their website before selecting them. A fair selection process will ensure that you are working with the right set of affiliates who will improve your business.

Ensure your product/services are of good standard

Your products must be of standard quality. It is the job of the affiliates to create awareness about your products and services. However, if the consumer sees that the products are sub-standard, they will not purchase them.

Also, most affiliates have websites and blogs that cater to a particular audience, and their reputation means a lot to them. They will not be interested in promoting items that are not certified as top-grade. So, it is vital to produce quality products.

Know your target audience

Knowing who your target audience is and other details about them is a vital requirement. It helps in creating a customized program that is beneficial to your business.

This knowledge will influence the types of banners and promotional videos you make and how you present your product. Furthermore, it allows you to choose affiliates that are most suited to your business based on their website and how best they engage your target market.

Understand your competition

While you are creating your customized program, it is vital to understand the strategy of your competitors. That informs your decisions on how to launch your campaigns and work with affiliates.

An essential aspect of that is knowing how much commission they offer to their affiliates. You can study and understand how this works for them in the advertisement of their products. You can as well develop a conversion rate that is equal to it.

Invest adequate amount of time and effort

You must be ready to commit enough time and effort to ensure that your affiliate program runs smoothly. Such responsibility requires you to track your affiliates’ progress, review banners, and promotional ads, and monitor consumers.

As a merchant, you must be willing to spend time building, customizing, and maintaining your business page. Depending on your company’s size, you may decide to hire someone to oversee this aspect of marketing for you, or you can do it on your own.

Regardless of what you choose, the fact remains that you must be committed for your page to generate sales.

Joining ShareAsale’s affiliate marketing program can be rewarding if you consider these guidelines. It all boils down to understanding how the program works and using it to your advantage.

Many successful companies and organizations consider ShareAsale an invaluable tool for the sale of their products. Understanding your business and how all these pointers will work best will help you attain success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find quality affiliates?

Selecting affiliates is not a uniform process. The most important thing is to know the kind of affiliates that will be most suitable for your brand and product. Reviewing their website and the type of audience they cater to will inform you of whether they will be a fit for your brand or not.

The ShareAsale website allows you to track the progress of your affiliates. It is essential to use this to monitor their performance even after selecting them to ensure that they promote your brand according to the ethical guidelines.

What is the best way I can communicate with my affiliates?

Communicating with affiliates is essential and depends on what works for the merchant. You can decide to reach out to your marketers on a monthly or weekly, or bi-weekly basis.

Most merchants communicate with their affiliates by sending newsletters that contain details on new products, top campaigns, and progress reports.

This newsletter’s essence is to inform the affiliates of your business’s products and programs, keep them in the loop about various changes, and motivate them.

You can also decide to discuss with your affiliates on a one-on-one basis or schedule group meetings with them on any platform that works best for both parties.

Will affiliate marketing increase my revenue?

Yes. Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your company’s revenue. It increases your visibility, generates engagement, and increases sales. Since affiliate marketing is performance-based, you pay affiliates how well they attract customers to your website.

They advertise and generate leads for you using their blogs and social media channels.

Fact-wise, many companies utilize the ShareAsale. They use it as a platform to drive adverts and reach a wider audience. It is a comparatively straightforward way of promoting your products as affiliate marketers advertise for you.

How much Commission should I pay affiliates?

Deciding how much commission to pay your affiliates depends on a number of factors, including your profit, the standard of products you sell, and your conversion rate. This should be one of the first things you decide on, because potential affiliates work with brands based on how much they offer.

Even though it is good to make sure that the commission is high enough to encourage skilled affiliates to join your brand, you have to work with an amount that is profitable for you. The commission should not be so high that it cannot increase as the performance of affiliates improves.

What product is best for affiliate marketing?

There is no particular product that is best for affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketing system deals with bloggers, web developers and agents, creating awareness online about your product for a commission rate. As long as your product is relevant and of good quality, then it is perfect for affiliate marketing.

Nowadays, almost anything can be sold and bought online. There is no specific product that sells better than the others. The only determining factor of how well a product sells, is the skill of the affiliate advertising it. So, no matter what you are selling, as long as it is a good product, all you need to do is create awareness about it through affiliates to sell it.


Every good entrepreneur knows the importance of good advertising. Creating awareness of your product is something that all business owners have to do to generate profit and make sales.

The best part of the ShareASale website is that it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of having a sound advertising system at the least cost possible. With the hundreds of skilled affiliates willing to promote the brand, your next customer is just a link away.

Start selling your products on ShareASale


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