15 Steps to Success for Affiliate Marketing Beginners in 2021

15 step to success in affiliate marketing
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Affiliate marketing has come to stay. Since its introduction two decades ago, it has proved to be an effective promotion strategy. It also holds the means to turn around the fortunes of the marketer and company alike.

That sounds easy, but you need much hard work and patience to get there. Hopefully, that didn’t kill the vibe. Are you interested in tapping into this billion-dollar industry? This guide will help you get started.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Table of Contents
  3. What is Affiliate Marketing
  4. 15 Top Steps to Success for Affiliate Marketing Beginners
  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  6. Conclusion

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a tactic where you (affiliate) promote a seller’s product. Then, for every referral you make, you get a commission. How does it work?

The company provides you with a unique identification link for its product. That link contains cookies to know how many people you referred. Based on a prearranged agreement, you get paid a percentage of the money made.

Affiliate Marketing: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you use the link to buy a product, I get a commission, at no cost to you but help me survive my blog and produce more articles. 

15 Top Steps to Success for Affiliate Marketing Beginners

1.   Decide on a Platform

There are various platforms where you can market. Blogging is the most common channel used by affiliate marketers. There are other channels like Twitter, Youtube, etc., to also drive sales. There is also the email listing methods and several others. As a beginner, you have to choose the platform that you’re most comfortable with and stick to it.

2.   Choose and Concentrate on a Niche

There are too many categories from which to choose. Getting it wrong here can make you fade out fast. So, you have to be very careful when you decide. It is also vital that you stick to that niche.

Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Niche in Affiliate Marketing

  • Find inspiration in your hobbies
  • Select a field with less competition
  • Target a niche with depth

3.   Find the Right Affiliate Program and Partner

Affiliate programs are arrangements between a merchant and an affiliate marketer. Some of the popular programs for beginners are Amazon associates, eBay partner networks, Clickbank, Shareasale etc. I personally recommend Shareasale.

Sure Guide to Choose the Affiliate Program that is Right for You

  • Choose a seller that offers products that are within your niche.
  • Work with merchants that have a high reputation and traffic
  • Find a vendor who values affiliates and uses upsells
  • Make sure the commission levels and earnings per click are favorable.

4.   Choose the Right Product

When choosing a product, it is important to stay faithful to your niche. Also, ensure that you can test it before promoting it. It is advisable to find evergreen items. Such commodities generate clicks consistently for a more extended period.

If you are ShareAsale’s affiliate, the simple way to choose product to promote is checking its power rank and last 7 days EPC.

How to Choose the Right Product to Promote

  • Select a product that is within your niche
  • Focus on products that your audience loves
  • Individuals can promote innovations or trending products

5.   Know Your Product

Choosing a bad or wrong product can kill a career before it starts. This phase also often demands marketers to use an item first before promoting it. That will help you to avoid promoting inferior quality and all the troubles that it could cause.

How to Ensure that You Know Your Product

  • Use the product entirely and note its pros and cons
  • Read reviews from other people about the item or service
  • Do your research before signing up with any vendor

6.   Create Helpful and Solid Contents

Publishing quality content has always worked in driving sales. Newbies should ensure that they provide their audience with relevant information. Your posts should also be catchy and easy to understand.

Tips to Consider when Preparing Your content

  • Write the whole truth about the products
  • Answer all the possible questions that your followers may ask
  • Provide means for your audience to ask for any information they wish to know about

7.   Engage your visitors

Marketers should keep in mind that every post is likely to have visitors. You can convert them to customers by creating quality and conversation-sparking content. Conclude with statements like ‘would you want more information on this topic?’, ‘Tell us your opinion’ etc.

Tricks to Convert Visitors to Customers

  • Provide a section for posting messages on your affiliate channel
  • Spark up discussions and responses with questions.
  • Respond to as many comments as possible
  • Provide links to other interesting posts

8.   Do Constant Research

People that research frequently never get out of ideas. They only get better and gain more experience. Beginners should also endeavor to research new marketing trends, products, and strategies continually. Aside from those, it is essential to study your audience and monitor their response to different approaches.

9.   Always Test and Improve Tactics

Things change, and new tactics come up now and then. Testing the tactics can help you to find better ways to promote your products. Sometimes, the test may not yield excellent results, while the harvest may be bountiful at other times. Whatever the outcome may be, they make you a better marketer and with more efficient tactics.

10.  Track Your Results

It is a necessity to track your successes. It gives insight into what works and what doesn’t. It also provides vital information like the number of new and returning visitors, most visited posts, traffic conversion rates, visitors’ location, etc. This data helps you to understand your customers better.  It also assists you in making better decisions in the future.

11.  Learn to Optimize Your Contents with SEOs

Optimizing your content with SEOs makes you visible on search engines. It is essential you know how to use keywords and still quality content. Mastering this tip will help you get more popular and receive more visitors on your affiliate channels. Take a free online SEO course on SEMrush.

12.  Learn from Other’s Success Stories

Nobody becomes a master in one day. Pat Flynn, John Chow, and all other famous affiliate marketers were once beginners. They often advise upcoming experts who care to learn. As a newbie, it is essential to follow the big names on their social media accounts and learn from them.

There are also several other stories on the internet about mistakes made in the past by seasoned marketers. It will be helpful if you read them and learn too. However, ensure that such information is from reliable sources.

13.  Love What You Do

Building up your career isn’t going to be easy. It requires a lot of work and dedication. At some level, the only motivation that may keep you going is your love for the job. It is a natural antidote. Hence, it is vital to stick to what you’re comfortable with when deciding the product, channel, or niche where you will specialize. Low motivation can cause inconsistency and, eventually, fade-out. Take note of that.

14.  Be Consistent

This point is of critical importance. People will return more to your channel if they are sure to get the answers they seek. It also helps you to get more leads and sales from your posts. You have to be consistent with your quality, timing, and delivery. Stay faithful to your niche. Ensure that you follow the best practices when developing your content. Also, endeavor to maintain excellence in every post.

15.  Always Tell the Truth

Be very free and personal with your content. Tell the whole truth about a product and list out all its pros and cons. Giving a personal account of how the product worked for you also helps build a rapport with your audience. It shows the credibility of your posts and makes your audience connect better.


1.   What do I need to start affiliate marketing?

$0. Unlike several other businesses, you do not need any capital to start your career. All you need is a mobile device or a desktop with mobile internet. Then, follow the steps provided above.

Interestingly, you do not need any office to start. You can also work from anywhere.

2.   How Do You Sign Up To Be An Affiliate?

There are two ways for you to sign up: the affiliate programs and networks. The former program is a one-on-one situation. In this case, you’re signed up with one company to promote their services or products. The latter is more like umbrellas that can include many affiliate programs underneath them.

To sign up, you have to go to the site, fill out a form, and await approval. No payment is required.

The Final Lap of the Steps Gist

The road to success is never easy. It requires consistent efforts, and so does affiliate marketing. It is a big industry and fast-growing industry. The competition is fierce and requires skill to survive. Hopefully, this article will help you to outgrow your competitors and guide you to stardom. Remember, building consistency and quality. Those are the keys to success.


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