Top 30 Profitable Affiliate Networks for 2021

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In this article I have made a list of top 30 profitable affiliate networks and programs that hopefully you will find one that fit with your niche.

Just want to make it clear that you do not need to join all the programs, what you want to do is review all the program one by one, make sure you go to their product homepage and features and then go through their affiliate program.

By doing so, you will know exactly if the product is fit with your platforms for promoting (you supposed to have any tool like blog, website, social media channels, E-mail list or any other online tools that you can reach to people for promoting the product that you think is good for them).

Some of the program will approve your application instantly but some will be pending for their review, this means you have to make sure your blog or tool has a good quality and number of audiences. If you just start out, that’s fine to try with the ones that could approve your application right away while others you will be qualified later after you build your audiences along the way.

Affiliate Marketing: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you use the link to buy a product, I get a commission, at no cost to you but help me survive my blog and produce more articles. 

So, let’s go to the list of top 30 profitable affiliate networks and programs that you could apply to join and make money online:

Digistore24 Affiliate Network

Top in my list of top profitable affiliate networks is Digistore24.  It is the largest affiliate network in Europe, and it is quickly expanding in the US. In 2019 alone, Digistore generated over 250 million in affiliate sales.

For affiliates, there are over 8000 products in over 44 niches on this platform for you to promote, and earn up to 70% in commissions.

Whether you are looking to promote digital products, software products, events, physical products, and more, there is no shortage of categories to choose from in this top affiliate network.

You get free marketing materials like social media posts, e-mails, banners, and more. Payment is processed weekly!

If you are a vendor seeking to promote your products and services, this affiliate network connects you with international sellers to promote your products around the globe and realize more sales with less work.

You can automate your sales workflows to make your work easier, and you don’t have to pay a dime until you make a sale.

The platform is perfect for vendors, publishers, influencers, bloggers, affiliates, and email list growers & networkers.

Join Digistore24

ClickBank Affiliate Network

ClickBank stands out as a leading profitable affiliate network and global retailer that has been in the affiliate marketing game for over 20 years.

Whether you are a publisher seeking products to promote, a vendor seeking to sell, a buyer searching for outstanding deals, or a newbie intending to learn how to make money online, ClickBank is a perfect marketplace for you.

Its affiliate network stretches to over 200 countries, and the world’s top marketers have earned over $4.2 billion in commission on this profitable affiliate network.

There are over 4000 marketplace products to promote and earn up to 90% commission payouts. Apart from one-time commissions, you can continue realizing recurring commission with ClickBank long after the original sale with subscription products.

Top product categories on this affiliate network include games, health & fitness, self-help, languages, as seen on TV, E-business & E-marketing, arts & entertainment, parenting & families, among others.

Through their HOPLINK tracking system, you get credit for every sale.

join the network.

Click Funnels Affiliate Program

This is a Sales Funnels company that enables entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through sales funnels. Publishers can earn up to 40% monthly recurring commission with their affiliate program.

There are amazing front end deals for affiliates to promote through their affiliate program and receive a 40% commission on each sale.  Some of the best front end offers include DotCom Secrets book, Expert Secrets book, and Traffic Secrets book.

There is also $100 in commission up for grabs on Click Funnels for each sale of their 30-Day Summit, and One Funnel Away Challenge programs.

Apart from the above one-time commission, there are also plenty of opportunities to earn recurring commissions on ClickFunnels with their subscription products.

If your front-end buyers sign up for Click Funnel subscriptions, you earn a recurring 20% monthly commission, and once you have earned $1000 in commission in a month, you qualify to become an approved affiliate earning 30% monthly recurring commissions.

To make the deal sweeter, affiliates can have their monthly recurring commission increased to 40% the moment they have at least 40 active members subscribing for ClickFunnels membership via their affiliate ID.

Join the program

VIdIQ Affiliate Program

VidIQ is a YouTube tool that helps creators, agencies, and brands to get more views and build a following on YouTube. 

VidIQ offers creators an SEO tool to help find the best keywords for their YouTube tags, a comment moderation tool to engage fans on Twitter and Facebook into a conversation and drive growth, analytics dashboard to track channel’s performance across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as collaboration tools to simplify their team’s workflows.

VidIQ also offers creators tools that help them know what their competition is up to, know what is trending on Youtube, compare view velocity, gauge their productivity, and monitor their Youtube wins.

Their affiliate program offers three affiliate levels to those who have used the tool to grow their YouTube channels, love VidIQ, and want to earn passive income by letting others know about this YouTube tool.

On this affiliate program, you become an associate earning 15% commission if you have 0-15 sales, become an influencer earning 20% from 11-50 sales, and an ambassador earning 25% commission when you make 51 sales and above.

Earning money through any of these affiliate program levels is very simple. All you need to do is create video content that shows others what you love about VidIQ and how you have used the tool to build a successful YouTube channel.

Then, share the video with your fans everywhere on Youtube, Facebook, or email it to your subscribers to convert more VidIQ users.

Check VidIQ

Teachable Affiliate Program

Teachable is an online course platform that allows anyone with an idea to create and launch their own courses. From Art and business to marketing, design, and Health & Fitness, there is no shortage of courses that one can create and launch on Teachable.

Popular and top-selling courses on teachable include Email Marketing Magic, How to Crush It on Twitter, The Habits Academy, Design Your Habits, The Complete Python course, The Houseplant Masterclass, Mastering React, among others.

The best part with Teachable is that they are among the top affiliate networks that offer lucrative commission through their free affiliate program.

All you need to do is send traffic their way to register and create courses and earn a 30% commission as long as your leads remain a customer on Teachable.

They have a 90-day cookie lifetime, which means you stand a chance to earn commission as long as your leads subscribe to create a course within 90-days.

To make it easy for you to promote courses with their affiliate program, Teachable offers conversion-optimized funnels that allow you to choose from several A/B tested funnels that come with an overview of the target audience, accompanying marketing materials such as email swipe copies, and visuals, and past earnings per click.

To help your audience create and launch their own online courses easily, each funnel comes bundled with premium training.

As one of the profitable affiliate programs in the industry, teachable, has earned trust from over 10,000 talented business teams, writers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

If you have an engaged audience on a Twitter, high-traffic niche blog, popular Facebook page, email list, or have a teachable experience through creating your own course or helping others create and launch their online courses, you can become a successful Teachable affiliate.

WPX Affiliate Program

WPX, established in 2013, stands out as one of the world’s fastest WordPress hosting service providers. With WPX, you get free site speed optimization, unlimited transfers to WPX, daily malware detection & removal, free site fixes, and lightning-fast CDN.

WPX also has excellent 30-second-response customer support via WordPress experts who get your issues fixed fast. Apart from helping humans find trusted web hosting services with spectacular speed, WPX has also been hosting homeless and disabled dogs & cuts every day since 2013!

Now the juicy part is their affiliate program. Here is why WPX has a profitable affiliate program to reckon with. Under the WPX Hosting affiliate program, affiliates receive $100 per verified referral after reaching an all-time total sale of 100.

If your referrals turn out to be annual customers, you receive your commission 35 days later, which are paid between the 15th and 30th of every month. So, if you promote this WordPress hosting service to your audience and manage 10 sales in a month, you earn $1,000!

You also get affiliate support on skype or via email from an affiliate manager who is always available to help you get the promotional assets you require such as custom promo codes, landing pages, banners, among others.

Join the affiliate program.


This is a web hosting company based in Secaucus, New Jersey.

The company was founded in 1999 and has been in the web hosting game for over 21 years. Whether you are a sole freelancer, a small business owner, or a Fortune 500 company, InterServer has a place for you.

Their services include, cloud hosting, shared hosting, non-profit hosting, student web hosting, Domains, reseller hosting, private email hosting, among others.

So, which digital product affiliate program does InterServer offer?

First, the company offers outstanding services that are worth recommending, and you can earn big money with the InterServer hosting affiliate program.

Here is how the InterServer affiliate program works: For every new customer that signs up for hosting services on InterServer through your affiliate link, you earn $100!

That means if you have a huge network of social media followers, website visitors, or friends and family members who are likely to need web hosting services, you can earn a decent commission by recommending InterServer web hosting services to them and see your earnings grow fast.

InterServer claims to have paid its top affiliate more than $500,000! The good part is that you can reach out to negotiate an even larger commission if you feel that your network of users is worth more than $100 per customer rate offered by InterServer.

Payments are made through PayPal, and there is a payment holding-period of 90 days. When you sign up for their Affiliate program account, it comes with landing pages and custom coupons included.

Pros of InterServer Hosting Affiliate Program

  • Comprehensive stats: Your affiliate account comes with all the tools you need and simple navigation to help you keep track of commissions, examine payment history, and create and compare different campaigns. This helps you to keep an easy track of your performance.
  • Easy to promote: It is easy to promote this company’s digital product with their affiliate program. All you need to do is choose and place a banner on your site or social networks.
  • Assistance & support: From fast response via email on affiliate inquiries, professional advice for higher performance, to having an affiliate assistant assigned to your account, InterServer puts all the efforts to assist and support you promote their digital product.

Cons of InterServer affiliate program

  • There is a 90-day holding period on payments
  • Their 24/7 support through email & chart needs improvement. No phone support offered.

Check it out

Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly is a digital writing assistant tool which was founded back in 2009. It helps foster clear and effective communication through clean and mistake-free writing.

Powered by a strong AI engine, this writing tool helps more than 20 million people across the globe eliminate errors from their documents through advanced machine learning and natural language processing.

Product plans include Grammarly Premium, Grammarly Business, Grammarly @edu, Grammarly Desktop Apps, The Grammarly Keyboard, and Grammarly for MS Office.

What makes Grammarly a top affiliate program is that affiliates can earn a decent commission by placing banners on their networks or writing a post about Grammarly to receive an activation bonus.

For every free registration through their link, affiliates earn $0.20, and $20 for every premium sign up! Their products have a high conversion rate of up to 30%.

Other benefits that come with the Grammarly affiliate program include world-class affiliate support, cross-device tracking, and a 90-day cookie window.

There are also additional perks up for grabs by top performers such as cash bonuses, exclusive discounts, and increased payouts.

Join the program

Leadpages Affiliate Program

Leadpages has a top affiliate program that offers a suite of lead generation and marketing tools to help build sustainable small businesses online.

This online tool provides entrepreneurs with templates that they can use for landing pages, webinars, and lead magnets to earn more email subscribers and grow their email lists.

From Drag and drop builder, lead pages website builder, email trigger lines for 1-click signup, unlimited alerts bars, unlimited pop-up forms, text-to-Opt-in codes, to A/B split testing, there is no shortage of features that Leadpages offers to help businesses grow their email lists.

Now, here is what makes Leadpages to have a top affiliate program.

The company offers three monthly plans: Standard plan at $25/mo, Pro plan at $48/mo, and Advanced plan at $199/mo. As a Leadpages affiliate, you can earn up to 50% monthly recurring commission as long as your referrals remain active subscribers on Leadpages.

All you need to do is promote their monthly plans through your networks. As your members subscribe, renew or upgrade their plans, you continue to earn.

Join the affiliate program

Fivver Affiliate Program

Fivver is a leading marketplace that provides online freelancing services. Founded in 2010, the company connects businesses, companies, and individuals with talented, on-demand freelancers in over 400 categories.

Over 5.5 million people from over 160 countries use Fiverr to power their business. Their services start from a standard price of $5!

Top categories on Fiverr include graphic design, web design, video editing, animation, copywriting, digital marketing, among others.

Fiverr affiliates program allows you to promote Fiverr services and earn a commission. Fivver, Fiverr Business, Fivver Learn, and Fivver are all the different services that you can promote and earn decent commissions.

You can choose between two commission plans: Dynamic CPA up to $150 or $10 CPA + 10% RevShare. To earn these lucrative commissions, all you need to do is roll up your sleeves and join top affiliates like Adan Mezan, Ari Leon Fruchter, and Geoff Garber to drive traffic to Fivver.

You get paid for every first-time-buyer you send their way. You also get a lifetime attribution to your referrals and there is no referral limit.

Other benefits that come with the Fiverr affiliate program include high-performing, creative assets to help you promote, an Intuitive dashboard to help you manage and monitor your campaigns, and professional support via tutorials and a dedicated affiliate manager.

Join the affiliate program

Shopify Affiliate program

Shopify is a reputable eCommerce platform that enables entrepreneurs to build or bring their businesses online by creating an eCommerce website.

The platform has powerful marketing tools that help businesses find customers, drive sales through websites, social media channels, and other marketplaces.

Shopify affiliates program allows you to shape the future of eCommerce through a profitable affiliate program. First, the company offers 3 monthly plans to businesses: Basic Shopify for at $29, Shopify at $79/mo, and Advanced Shopify at 299/mon. There is also a 14-day free trial.

With the Shopify affiliates program, you earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for any of these paid plans via your affiliate referral link.

So if you interact with an audience that is seeking to launch an online store, monetize their hobbies through online selling, or wish to migrate their existing store from another platform, Shopify affiliates program is a good go for you.

You also get Shopify partner support via live chat, phone or email, and key product information and education to make it easy for you to convert referral traffic.

From blogs, video tutorials, tools, webinars, and automated funnels, there is plenty of content that you can use to reach and convert your audience.

Apply to the program.

ShareASale Affiliate Network

ShareASale, part of Awin, is exclusively an affiliate marketing network that has been connecting merchants seeking to promote their products and affiliates for over 20 years.

Whether you want to sell or promote products on popular categories, fashion, business, green, or home & garden categories and more, the ShareASale affiliate marketing network has a place for you.

This affiliate network is reputed for fair and honest business powered by speedy, efficient, and accurate technology. Through their affiliate network, ShareASale connects you with over 3900 merchants, on-time payments, and responsive support.

Each product you choose to promote has its share of commission clearly shown so you know upfront how much you will earn before you start promoting the product or service.

Apply to the network

Amazon Associates

Amazon is a top eCommerce retailer, and cloud computing provider through Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Through Amazon Associates, the company offers one of the largest affiliate marketing networks in the world.

Their Affiliate network is fit for individual bloggers, content creators, social media influencers, and publishers with qualifying websites or mobile apps, who are seeking to monetize their hard-earned traffic.

There are millions of products and services that you can promote to your audience, and earn up to 10% in associate commissions from qualifying purchases and programs, and maximize your earnings from Amazon’s competitive conversion rates.

You need to go through their qualifying criteria to become an Amazon affiliate.

Target Affiliate program

Target is one of the most recognized retail brands in the US. It is also among the fastest-growing eCommerce retailers on the internet. There are over 1 million products up for promotion on target, and no matter your audience or niche, your followers will certainly find something of value on target.

Products on Target sell at low prices, and there are usually weekly promotions that will appeal to your audience. Apart from the wide variety of products and weekly promos, Target also offers services like product subscription, as well as college, wedding, and baby registries that your audience is likely looking for.

From weekly affiliate newsletters, regular discounts, popular gift cards, Target REDcard, and Target’s outstanding brand recognition, there are enough tools on Target to help you succeed as an affiliate marketer.

Popular product categories include home decor, apparel, baby & kid’s products, and sporting products.

All you need to do is promote various products through your networks and earn up to 5% commission with a 7-day cookie. For tracking, payment, and reporting, Target partners with Impact Radius to give you a clean, dedicated, and well-managed affiliate program.

You also get a weekly newsletter with updates on contests, promotions, and sales opportunities.

Aliexpress Portals Affiliate Network

Aliexpress, part of the Alibaba Group, is a reputed eCommerce Platform mainly composed of Chinese businesses and factories selling low-cost products directly to customers across the globe.

Launched in 2010, the platform has grown to become one of the largest eCommerce marketplaces in the world.

There are millions of products on Aliexpress, over 130,000 sellers, and millions of buyers from over 200 countries. Top affiliates earn up to $20,00/mo on Aliexpress, with over $100,000 in revenue paid per month.

If you have decent web traffic from your site, SNS page, social media channels, or blog, you can monetize it through Aliexpress’s portals affiliate network.

For every sale that originates from your referral links, you can earn up to  50% in commission.

Commission rates vary by product, and there are enough incentives and tools to help you reach your affiliate marketing goals on Aliexpress.

You can join the Aliexpress portals affiliate network for free at any time and start earning decent commissions.

Apply to the network

Hay House Affiliate Program

Hay House is an outstanding US-based publisher and producer of books, courses, lectures, events, and workshops on self-improvement, transformational, and inspirational realms.

The company has more than 200 teachers and best-selling authors like Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Anthony William, Gregg Braden, among others.

Through the Hay House affiliate program, you can earn up to 50% for eligible U.S summit product sales, with a 30-day minimum cookie lifetime and first-click attribution. 

You get the support and promotional assets you need to promote their products to your audience including swipe copy, banner images, video clips, affiliate links, and more.

Promotions are based on the RevShare payment model, where you receive a percentage commission for all the sales tracked through your affiliate links.

To qualify to be an affiliate with the May House affiliate program, you must have a website, social media communities of engaged followers, or a proven method of engagement and communication with your audience such as email subscriptions.

Your audience must be relevant to their content categories in the three areas of inspirational, transformational, and personal development. Affiliate Network stands out as one of the largest and most recognized online accommodations booking platforms in the world. The company sees more than 1.5 million rooms reserved per day and has over 29 million bookable rooms in more than 2.5 properties.

Through the affiliate program, you get a unique opportunity to monetize your website traffic, or social media following and earn passive income.

All you need to do is connect your business with booking. com, and earn a commission for each booking reserved through your website, blog, or social channel. The more the bookings, the more you earn!

The good thing with the affiliate program is that it is completely customizable to blend well with your brand and website, and you can display properties on targeted areas specific to your region or page content.

The company has an extensive network of over 12,500 affiliates who have earned decent income by aligning their traffic with online accommodation services.

There are plenty of products for self-managed partners to help users find accommodations around specific areas including map widget, search box, banners, inspiring search box, deals finder, and WordPress plugins.

You get the help you need in case you have a problem promoting their products, and you can sign up at any time for free and get confirmed instantly!

Apply to the network

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

Co-Founded in 2000 by Stephen Kaufer, Tripadvisor has grown to become the world’s largest travel site. Its mission is to help travelers worldwide to plan, find, and book the perfect trips from over 1.4 million places to stay.

The site has rich content that spans over 795 million reviews! Through the Tripadvisor affiliate program, you get a real chance to monetize your traffic through a partnership with this travel site to help your users find the best destinations for their trips.

You earn a steady revenue of up to 50% commission on hotel traffic when users land on Tripadvisor through your trackable affiliate links and then click out to hotel booking partners from Tripadvisor.

The good thing is that users don’t have to book a hotel right away for you to earn a commission.  As long as the traffic you send to Tripadvisor click out to any of their hotel booking partners, you still earn your commission even if they don’t book right away.

There is also a 14-day referral window where you earn credit and commission when your users return to Tripadvisor within 14 days and click out to their hotel partners.

For example, a publisher with 870 clicks sent to Tripadvisor in one month may earn up to $550/mo. Length of stay, booking partner, seasonality, and type of hotel are some of the factors that determine the amount a publisher earns per click-out.

Apply to the program  

CruiseDirect Affiliate Program

Cruisedirect is an award-winning travel company that leverages the use of technology to make it easy for travelers to research, arrange, and book reservations for their vacations online.

From Alaska cruises to Panama Canal, this company has a myriad of destinations across all continents, and you are sure to find a perfect cruise for your vacation.

The company partners with the best suppliers to guarantee clients a cost-effective cruise, cheaper than you can find anywhere else!

That said, CruiseDirect offers a top cruise affiliate program to website owners, bloggers, and anyone else with a social following online.

Through their affiliate program, you can earn decent commission marketing their exemplary cruise services to your audience. For every purchase generated on CruiseDirect from your website, you earn a 3% commission.

From high converting pages, search boxes, text ads, and traffic-driving banners, you get a variety of travel content to help you realize more conversion and make more money.

Through their affiliate networks, CruiseDirect makes it easy for you to join their affiliate program, get affiliate links, and access a dashboard where you can review your sales reports via real-time statistics.

The program has a 45-day cookie life, which means you stand a chance to get credit and earn a commission if a customer converts within 45 days after their initial visit.

You will also receive a weekly newsletter with a bonus commission from their proactive management team. If you run a travel blog or website, is a perfect place for you to earn passive income from anywhere at any time.

Apply to the program

CJ Affiliate Network

CJ affiliate is a top affiliate marketing network that has been in the affiliate marketing game for over 20 years. Founded in 1998, the company remains passionate about helping business drive intelligent growth by finding the best affiliates to promote their products and services.

With 14 offices across the globe, CJ affiliate remains committed to offering a customer-centric approach to affiliate marketing.

Through their affiliate network, CJ affiliate brings together creators seeking to advertise their products and services, and publishers seeking to earn extra income by promoting products through their websites, social media, mobile apps, email, search, and even offline marketing.

More than 1.8B is paid in annual publisher commissions on this affiliate network, with 4.8M relationships created annually.

Whether you are a merchant seeking to promote your products/services, or a publisher who wants to partner with the world’s reputable brands and earn commission promoting their products/ services, CJ affiliates network can be a good starting point.

Join the network

SEMrush Affiliate Program

SEMrush is an SEO software that offers marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses online visibility and analytics solutions. The company is focused on ensuring that businesses get measurable results to keep tabs with their online marketing strategies.

SEMrush offers over 45 online visibility tools and integrates with google and other task management platforms seamlessly. This online marketing software is trusted by over 6 million marketers across the world and offers SEO, SEM, content, competitive research, and social media marketing solutions to businesses.

As an affiliate, you can leverage the SEMrush affiliate program to earn decent cash payouts. First, the company offers three monthly payment plans to businesses: Pro at $99.95, Guru at $199.95, and Business plan at $399.95.

There is also a free trial period. Your work as an affiliate is to promote these monthly plans and get paid for any lead subscriptions. When your referrals purchase any of the three monthly subscription plans, you get an affiliate commission of $200, and $10 for every new trial activation per lead.

As of now, their affiliate program is invite-only, and you can join it on ShareASale. Once you are in, you get free exclusive SEMrush promotional materials like banners and landing pages to promote their 40+ award-winning email marketing tool. You also get enough support from a dedicated team of affiliate account managers.

SEMrush affiliate program is perfect for content publishers, data integrators, paid search enthusiasts, agencies, speakers, and all-round marketing geniuses.

Apply to the program Affiliate Program

WordPress is a popular, powerful, and customizable platform that enables small businesses, individual bloggers, and fortune 500 companies to create and host their own websites or blogs. Around 38% of websites are built on WordPress!’s affiliate program gives partners a chance to earn referral rewards promoting, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. Specifically, the affiliate program is for WordPress professionals who are part of the WordPress ecosystem such as theme creators, plugin developers, and designers.

The program is not open for everyone and operates in an invite-only capacity to maintain excellent service and a good flow of revenue for WordPress partners.

But there is a Refer-a-Friend program that is open for anyone to refer friends, social media followers, or family members and benefit from free account credits and rewards faster without the need to sign up or approval.

Once you are approved for the affiliate program, you get promotional material and referral links from your dashboard. You have to demonstrate the ability to send new traffic and drive signups to, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. Otherwise, affiliates who cannot consistently maintain accrued rewards in the tune of $100 are removed from the program.

Your performance is tracked directly from your website through affiliate links that contain unique identifiers, and you can access real-time data on earnings and payments directly from your dashboard. Payments are made via PayPal only, approximately 45 days after a qualified purchase is recorded.

Apply to the program


Founded in 1997 by Simon Grabowski, GetResponse stands out as one of email marketing platforms out there helping businesses establish long-term relations with customers and clients by engaging their customer base through well-orchestrated email marketing campaigns.

This digital product company has over 350,000 clients spread across 183 countries, and delivers over 12 billion emails yearly! Their email services are available in about 24 languages.

From email analytics, landing pages, paid ads, marketing automation, webinars, email creator, autoresponders, among others, this digital product company gives businesses a myriad of features to help them realize email marketing solutions that help generate leads, engage customers, and boost online sales.

Now, what affiliate program does GetResponse offer? It is quite simple: refer clients to GetResponse and get paid! In that vein, GetResponse has two options in its affiliate program to choose from.

  • Affiliate bounty program: with this option, the affiliate gets a one-time generous commission of $100 for every sale referred.
  • Affiliate recurring program: if you want a sustainable source of long-term revenue, then this is the best affiliate program for you. The affiliate gets a 33% recurring commission for every sale referred.

Both programs come with monthly payouts, free marketing materials, and real-time earning statistics.

Benefits of GetResponse Affiliate Program

  • Unlimited payouts: Just refer their industry-leading email marketing solutions, and earn generous commissions
  • Free marketing materials: From banners, sales copy and videos, you get free promotional assets to place in your networks.
  • Real-time statistics: stay up to date with your earnings through detailed statistics.
  • 120-day cookie life:  You have up to 120 days to earn as long as your referrals convert within this time
  • Support and advice:  Affiliates get advice and support from an affiliate manager to make their affiliate marketing efforts successful.

Apply to the program

MindValley Affiliate Program

MindValley is a world leader in personal growth dedicated to helping people transform their lives. The platform features over 12 million students spread across 80 countries.

MindValley has the world’s best teachers offering free and paid spiritual and personal growth courses and programs, and you will find over 10,000 transformation stories on this platform.

If you want to learn from the best and be the best, then MindValley is a great platform where you will interact with some of the best thought leaders, healers, authors, and activists to help you raise your human consciousness.

If you share Mindvalley’s vision to transform and move humanity forward, you can join their affiliate program and send traffic their way to earn commissions while helping others transform their lives.

The first step is to sign up and submit your application. Once you are approved, you log in to your affiliate dashboard which is hosted on Cake. From there, you choose offers that resonate with you and your audience to start promoting  using a range of creative marketing materials such as banners, links to webinars, email copy, and social media copy.

You get a baseline commission of 30% for any subscriptions you drive to Mindvalley’s spiritual courses and personal growth programs. There are over 24 premium courses and quests up for promotion, and you will have a cookie lifetime of 30 days within which you can earn your commission when your leads convert.

To help you improve conversion through your campaigns, you get support from a dedicated affiliate program manager.

Become A Living God Affiliate Program

This is a platform dedicated to helping people learn spiritual science and unlock magic powers. From mastering black witchcraft, learning to perform real magic, learning to harness the erotic magic of sexual power and irresistible attraction, and learning money spell that guarantees financial gain, there is a whole lot of course on this platform to help you master spiritual science.

Top courses on this platform include Asmodeus: The Lord Of Lust, Compendium 8; Beelzebub: Lord Of The Flies, Pathworking 6; Lucifuge: The Lord Of Pacts, Pathworking5; and Abaddon: The Angel Of The Abyss, Pathworking 4; among others.

You can earn money by referring traffic through the Become A Living God affiliate program. You are provided affiliate links to refer users who want to master spiritual powers and receive as much as 50% commission on their digital courses and goods.

You can also feature their magic courses, books, and goods in your catalog and receive a percentage of the sale on a dropship basis. If you refer another affiliate, you will receive a percentage of their sales, too. Your affiliate will receive their 50%, but because you referred them, you also receive 25% on any of their sales.

You get free promotional materials such as videos, photographs, newsletters, and texts that you can repurpose for your convenience and drive more conversions.

Apply to the program

Printful Affiliate Program

Printful is a T-shirt printing company that helps entrepreneurs to create and sell on-demand custom products online. The company provides on-demand dropshipping and fulfillment warehouse services as well.

Their services include Print-on-demand, store setup services, creative services, branding & white-label printing, Print-on-demand promotional products, Print-on-demand merchandise, warehousing & fulfillment, among others.

Their product categories mainly include T-shirts, women’s clothing, Kids & young clothing, Hats, accessories, All hoodies & sweatshirts, Bottoms, Men’s clothing, among others.

Their platform integrates seamlessly with reputable e-commerce platforms including  Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Big Cartel, Squarespace,  BigCommerce, Magento, among others.

You can earn a decent commission by helping entrepreneurs launch their online businesses with printful. More than $952K in commissions has been paid to Printful affiliates. Here is how a printful affiliate program works.

First, you sign up to join the Printful’s affiliate program for free. Then, you get referral links to promote Printiful services and products to your audience. For any order that customers place through your affiliate link, you earn a 10% commission for 9 months! Payments are processed through PayPal.

The Printful affiliate program is excellent for a wide spectrum of publishers including bloggers, influencers, YouTubers, and eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Teespring Affiliate Program

Teespring is another T-shirt printing company that enables entrepreneurs to design, create, and print their own products using the Teespring Launcher, and sell them through the platform.

It is a no-risk platform that allows entrepreneurs to experiment with their idea and see what works. Entrepreneurs set their own selling price and profit margins for their personalized products.

When customers place an order, Teesrping takes the responsibility of packaging and shipping it to customers. They take care of everything from production, marketing, order fulfillment, and customer service.

From Home Decor, Socks, Phone Cases, Accessories, Mugs, and Funny categories, there is no shortage of products that you can design, print, and sell through Teespring. The platform seamlessly integrates with YouTube, Google, Instagram,  Streamlabs, Twitch, and Discord.

Through their affiliate program, you can earn commission by referring new customers and entrepreneurs to Teespring. Teespring also integrates with top affiliate networks such as FlexOffers, Rakuten Marketing, and Skimlinks which you can join and find Teespring products to promote and earn a commission.

TurboTax Affiliate Program

Turbotax is an online platform that offers a tax software to help individuals and businesses calculate and file their tax return with ease online. From Complex to simple taxes, the platform has real CPAs and  EAs to review your taxes with 100% accuracy.

From stimulus Check Calculators, Tax calculators, Tax tips & videos, Tax reform, and unlimited tax advice, TurboTax has all the resources to help freelancers, small businesses, and independent contractors to find perfect tax solutions.

Through the TurboTax Affiliate programs, you can earn great commission by referring customers to file their taxes through the Turbo Tax platform. The platform offers two Turbo Tax affiliate programs for you to choose from: Commission Junction Publishers, and Commission Junction Canada Publishers, both of which are offered through the  CJ affiliate network.

Turbo Tax affiliate program is an excellent way to earn a quick commission during the tax season. You earn 10% commission, with a 15-day cookie lifetime on all federal and state tax returns purchased via your referral link.


ConvertKit is an email marketing platform that offers creators a unique and simple way to build an audience, connect with followers, and grow their business through email marketing.

Top features that ConvertKit offers to creators include email automation, Email designer, landing pages, email sign up forms, and integration tools.

With ConvertKit, creators can easily share and test ideas by creating sign up forms and landing pages, connect with their audience by writing attention-grabbing emails with valuable content, and earn income by sending relevant emails that resonate with their audience’s needs.

Through the ConvertKit affiliate program, you can earn commissions by helping creators find this groundbreaking email marketing solution. Here is how it works:

First, anyone can join the ConvertKit affiliate program as long as they are great promoters. To be a great promoter at ConvertKit, you need to understand the importance of email marketing, and have an audience in need of a powerful, but simple email marketing solution.

Once you sign up for free, you get hooked up with a training course, promotional assets like graphics, video, and webinars, and a dashboard to track your progress.

After that, all you need is to promote ConverKit email solutions among your audience and earn a 30% monthly recurring commission for every sign up that you drive to ConvertKit through your affiliate link. As long as your leads remain ConvertKit customers, you keep on earning!

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Personal Capital Affiliate Program

Personal Capital is a wealth management platform that leverages technology to provide individuals and households unbiased wealth management services.

They rely on powerful web analytics tools and mobile apps to help people understand their finances, provide the best financial advice, and help people achieve their financial, investment, and retirement goals.

Personal Capital has a lucrative affiliate program offered through the FlexOffers affiliate network. If you interact with an audience with over 100k in investable assets, you can earn decent commissions by connecting them with SEC-registered financial advisors on Personal Capital.

You earn decent commissions per qualified lead who registers for Personal Capital through your referral link. For a lead to be qualified, they must register as Personal Capital users and link a financial account with at least $100k in investable assets

We come to the end, I hope you find value in this article and one program or network to join and make money online. If you have any query which need my help, do not hesitate to drop the comment I will ty to response the solution for you as fast as I can or you if you have more profitable programs or network to share please share it here in the comment box for the sake of our friends who are looking for ones and me as well.

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