5 Best Affiliate Programs to Promote in Make Money Online Niche

5 Best Digital Product Companies Which Offer the Best Affiliate Programs
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If you are a newbie just contemplating taking the plunge, this article will help you figure out what an affiliate marketing program is, how it works, and give you an overview of five digital products that offer the best affiliate programs.

Let us get started!

What Is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

The concept of affiliate marketing is very simple. You promote other people’s or company’s products and services and earn money in the form of a commission for every sale, lead or traffic you drive.

Simply put, an affiliate marketing program is a revenue-sharing agreement between a merchant, also known as a product creator, and a marketer, also known as an affiliate or publisher,  to promote a brand’s products and services and earn a commission for every conversion or sale they make.

How Does An Affiliate Program Work?

Affiliate marketing works in a very simple way. The affiliate identifies a merchants’ product or services they love or enjoy, and then markets the product or service to potential buyers. Every time a customer buys a product, the affiliate earns part of the sale as a commission.

The merchant attaches affiliate referral links to the products or services that help to track product sales that the affiliate makes. Depending on the affiliate program, the publisher earns a commission for every sale they make (pay per sale), conversion leads (pay per lead), or the web traffic they drive( pay per click).

Affiliate Marketing: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you use the link to buy a product, I get a commission, at no cost to you but help me survive my blog and produce more articles. 

5 Best Products to Promote in MMO

There are many companies out there offering affiliate marketing programs that you can take advantage of and make money on your website, blog, or social media channels from any corner of the world.

Here, we discuss the best five products which in the MMO niche.


Having been in business for over 5 years, and having helped more than 100,000 businesses track, and optimize their marketing, ClickMagick kicks off our list of top five digital product companies that offer affiliate programs.

Ask every entrepreneur, business, or company using affiliate marketing to drive traffic, increase conversions, or boost sales, and they will tell you that your affiliate network can quickly grow and become a hassle to track all your links.

This is where ClickMagick comes in!

ClickMagick offers Analytics services to businesses. It offers a link tracking software to help marketers, businesses, and companies keep track of source link clicks, purchases, and conversions across different devices.

Click magic keeps marketers abreast of the entire sales funnel with real-time data. This comes in handy if you are running Ad campaigns on different channels, enabling marketers to track the percentage of visits,  conversions, or purchases at every step of the sales funnel.

This helps in determining  the value of each purchase made to see whether the business is making a profit or not.

Marketers can use their ClickMagic tracking links on social media channels, advertising platforms, blogs, and emails to see which of the marketing channels are sending more business their way, the ones that are performing the best, and the ones that need some improvement to boost conversions and sales.

Now that you know how important ClickMagick is to businesses, what affiliate program does it offer?

The good part with ClickMagick is that you can pocket decent profits promoting their product on your networks.

First, ClickMagick offers 3 pricing plans to businesses wishing to use their analytics software to track their marketing campaigns as follows: Starter plan at $27 per month, Standart Plan at $67 per month, and Pro Plan at $97 per month.

Well, your work is to convince individual entrepreneurs, businesses, companies, or marketers to sign up for any of these monthly plans and get paid for every conversion you make.

ClickMagick pays a recurring commission of 35% when you refer a client to them, and you will continue to earn a fair commission for anything sold to your referrals!

The good part is that your cookie lifetime doesn’t expire, but the average lifetime of your referred clients continues to grow over time.

Commissions payouts are processed daily through PayPal MassPay, so you won’t incur any fees, and the minimum payout is only $50!

Pros of ClickMagick

  • Converts well: Since ClickMagick is an industry-leading analytics software, it is well received by marketing managers, business owners, and companies.
  • Good commissions: 35% monthly recurring commission for every referred customer who converts is very lucrative in the long-run.
  • 14-day trial: This makes it easy for you to convince many prospects to take advantage of the free trial period.
  • Marketing assets: You get everything you need to from promotional materials to real-time access to your marketing data and earnings.
  • Your referrals are yours for a lifetime: The average time value of your referrals doesn’t expire but grows over time.

Cons of ClickMagick Affiliate Program

  • Difficult-to-learn user interface: You will need to make some effort to read their guide and get familiar with the user interface.
  • No mobile app: This digital product doesn’t have a mobile app, hence you have to go the browser way to leverage their services.

Check ClickMagick


Second in the list of the best product for MMO niche is InterServer. This is a web hosting company based in Secaucus, New Jersey.

A photo screenshot from InterServer product page

The company was founded in 1999 and has been in the web hosting game for over 21 years. Whether you are a sole freelancer, a small business owner, or a Fortune 500 company, InterServer has a place for you.

Their services include, cloud hosting, shared hosting, non-profit hosting, student web hosting, Domains, reseller hosting, private email hosting, among others.

The company offers outstanding services that are worth recommending, and you can earn from the hosting affiliate program.

Here is how the  InterServer affiliate program works: For every new customer that signs up for hosting services on InterServer through your affiliate link, you earn $100!

That means if you have a huge network of social media followers, website visitors, or friends and family members who are likely to need web hosting services, you can earn a decent commission by recommending InterServer web hosting services to them and see your earnings grow fast.

InterServer claims to have paid its top affiliate more than $500,000! The good part is that you can reach out to negotiate an even larger commission if you feel that your network of users is worth more than $100 per customer rate offered by InterServer.

Payments are made through PayPal, and there is a payment holding-period of 90 days. When you sign up for their Affiliate program account, it comes with landing pages and custom coupons included.

Pros of InterServer Hosting Affiliate Program

  • Comprehensive stats: Your affiliate account comes with all the tools you need and simple navigation to help you keep track of commissions, examine payment history, and create and compare different campaigns. This helps you to keep an easy track of your performance.
  • Easy to promote: It is easy to promote this company’s digital product with their affiliate program. All you need to do is choose and place a banner on your site or social networks.
  • Assistance & support: From fast response via email on affiliate inquiries, professional advice for higher performance, to having an affiliate assistant assigned to your account, InterServer puts all the efforts to assist and support you promote their digital product.

Cons of InterServer affiliate program

  • There is a 90-day holding period on payments
  • Their 24/7 support through email & chart needs improvement. No phone support offered.

Check InterServer

Click Funnels

Third in the list of the best products to promote in MMO niche is ClickFunnels. Born in early 2014, this company is headquartered at Boise, Idaho.

A photo screenshot from Click Funnels product page

ClickFunnels aims at helping entrepreneurs with little to no knowledge on coding grow their businesses online through web pages and sales funnels that generate leads and convert website visitors into paying customers without the need to hire a tech team.

The company boasts a user base of over 140K entrepreneurial customers who are actively using their platform to promote and sell their products to the world, with over $6.6 billion in revenue processed through the platform.

Now that ClickFunnels gives entrepreneurs the ability to create beautiful web pages inside of a sales funnel to establish and grow their companies online, how can an affiliate make money with ClickFunnels?

They offer an amazing affiliate program to marketers. You can promote the product on your networks and earn up to 40% monthly recurring commissions on all of their front-end offers such as DotCom Secrets book, Expert Secret book and Traffic secrete book.

On top of the 40% on front end offers, you stand a chance to earn a commission of $100 for any sales of the One Funnel Away Challenge or the 30 Days summit.

New affiliates on ClickFunnels earn a 20% recurring commission on any sign ups of ClickFunnels accounts that your front end buyers create. As long as they continue to renew their subscription every month you continue to receive your commission monthly!

Here is where the ClickFunnels affiliate program becomes a real deal.

You become an approved affiliate and earn a 30% monthly recurring commission after you have earned $1000 in commission per month.

The moment you have at least 40 active users who have subscribed to the ClickFunnels membership through your affiliate link for at least 30 days, you can become an approved affiliate, earning 40% in recurring commissions every month!

Pros of ClickFunnels Affiliate Program

  • A variety of Affiliate offers: From Traffic Secrets, One Funnel Away Challenge, Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, to 30 Days Summit, there is a variety of digital products on Click Funnels for you to promote.
  • Help and support: By joining the ClickFunnels affiliate Facebook group or signing up for their Bootcamp summit, you can learn and get all the support you need to become successful in affiliate marketing.
  • Decent commission: Once you amass a certain level of success, you become approved to earn up to 40% monthly recurring commissions.
  • Great and user-friendly affiliate program that is easy to use
  • Tons of pre-designed templates that save you time, effort, and money when making sales funnel.

Cons of Click Funnel Affiliate Program

  • Customer support needs can be better.
  • Limited chart support features
  • Their cheapest plan comes with a limited number of funnel creations

Check Click Funnel


Founded in 1997 by Simon Grabowski, GetResponse stands out as one of email marketing platforms out there helping businesses establish long-term relations with customers and clients by engaging their customer base through well-orchestrated email marketing campaigns.

They has over 350,000 clients spread across 183 countries, and delivers over 12 billion emails yearly! Their email services are available in about 24 languages.

From email analytics, landing pages, paid ads, marketing automation, webinars, email creator, autoresponders, among others, They give businesses a myriad of features to help them realize email marketing solutions that help generate leads, engage customers, and boost online sales.

Now, what affiliate program does GetResponse offer? It is quite simple: refer clients to GetResponse and get paid! In that vein, GetResponse has two options in its affiliate program to choose from.

  • Affiliate bounty program: with this option, the affiliate gets a one-time generous commission of $100 for every sale referred.
  • Affiliate recurring program: if you want a sustainable source of long-term revenue, then this is the best affiliate program for you. The affiliate gets a 33% recurring commission for every sale referred.

Both programs come with monthly payouts, free marketing materials, and real-time earning statistics.

Benefits of GetResponse Affiliate Program

  • Unlimited payouts: Just refer their industry-leading email marketing solutions, and earn generous commissions
  • Free marketing materials: From banners, sales copy and videos, you get free promotional assets to place in your networks.
  • Real-time statistics: stay up to date with your earnings through detailed statistics.
  • 120-day cookie life:  You have up to 120 days to earn as long as your referrals convert within this time
  • Support and advice:  Affiliates get advice and support from an affiliate manager to make their affiliate marketing efforts successful.

Check GetResponse


Stencil is another of the best product to promote in MMO niche. This company provides business owners, companies, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and social media marketers with an online graphic design tool to create stunning images easier and faster.

From stunning blog headers, social media graphics, to compelling Ads, you can rely on the Stencil tool to up your image creation game from your browser no matter where you are.

The company boasts over 275,000 happy users with CNN, Buffer, PCWorld, and Entrepreneur Magazine among them.

So, what is the Stencil affiliate program?

Stencil offers 3 image creation plans to users: Free, Pro, and Unlimited. Now, you can make money if you convince customers to subscribe to any of these plans.

There are several ways through which you can leverage the stencil affiliate program to earn money. some of them include writing blog posts or making a youtube video about Stencil and then embedding your referral link, sharing your referral link on your social networks, or sharing your referral link with other internet marketers, bloggers, or co-workers.

You earn a 30% recurring commission per sale as long as your referral remains hooked with Stencil. Payouts are processed every month and there is no minimum amount you have to earn to get paid. You will receive your commission no matter your balance. Payment is wired through PayPal.

Benefits Stencil Affiliate Program

  • Real-time statistics: You can track clicks, conversions, and revenue in the real-time form your dashboard.
  • 24/7 support: Log in at any time to check how your marketing strategy on the different promotions is performing.
  • Plenty of marketing materials: From banners, text boxes, videos, and highly stunning images, there is no shortage of promotional assets that you can place in your networks.

Check Stencil


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