How to Become a Successful Private Tutor

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The last year has been a disruptive one for all of us. The education sector in particular has been most affected due to pandemic restrictions. Online classes and work-from-home have given a rising trending to educators across the world. Private tutoring has also seen a big shift from in-house and one-on-one classes to the new online classes’ mode.

The Role of a Private Tutor

Private tutors are the teachers after school or college for students. Their primary role is to provide additional coaching and guidance to students. Many students feel the need for repetitive and extended guidance on their educational courses.

It is natural for students to grasp the knowledge in few subjects efficiently. While many students do also feel difficulty in different subjects. Students always need guidance on certain class subjects, explanations of theories, and homework assignments.

A private tutor effectively mentors the students. The role of private tutors as additional coaching classes and assignment preparations have become obsolete. Modern-day private tutors mentor students effectively and professionally.

Qualifications Required to Become a Private Tutor

Having a graduate degree or any other professional qualification will enhance your portfolio as a private tutor. All recruiters and private institutes prefer hiring candidates with formal educational qualifications.

However, as a private tutor, you do not need a higher education qualification as regular teachers. It doesn’t imply that you can start without certain knowledge. You’ll need a certain educational qualification to back your claims as a private tutor job qualification.

Certification or diploma in a particular subject will further enhance your credibility. You can also increase your professional resume ranks by availing of training from any reputable organization.

Remember, as a private tutor your most effective tool will be communication. Practice the art of effective communication, gain expertise in specific subjects, and start exploring your opportunities as a private tutor.

Benefits of Becoming a Private Tutor

The biggest benefit of becoming a private tutor is that your knowledge base expands with experience. The private tutoring job is flexible and also offers valuable financial benefits. You can choose the private tutoring job as a full-time career option, or you can supplement your current job with some part-time working hours.

Here are some key benefits of becoming a private tutor:

  • Flexible Working Hours:         Usually, your students will attend private tutoring in the evening time after regular school hours. You can also manage some other work in the morning hours that gives you flexibility and provides the necessary work-life balance.
  • Set Your Pace:      Choose the working hours as you grow by yourself. You will be your own boss as a private tutor. You can adjust the working hours per day and on a monthly schedule according to your time availability.
  • Valuable Money:  Make valuable income as a private tutor. Your tutoring rates per hour will increase with experience. You wouldn’t have to wait for an HR manager’s performance appraisal too.
  • Gain Experience:             If you have just started out the career with a private tutoring job, it will provide you valuable work experience. Consider the job as your stepping stone for your full-time teaching job in the future.
  • Work Independently:    You can join a private tutoring platform or an education academy, but you can also start as a private independent tutor. You’ll have to manage a social circle and communicate effectively to find private tutoring jobs, but it will provide you great independence.

Money Making with Private Tutoring

According to the pay range for a regular UK tutor is from £16,000 to £ 50,000. The private tutor’s hourly rate can range from £ 28 to £50 in the UK. In the US, the private tutor’s median hourly rate ranges around $ 25.

Making money as a private tutor is not based on gross monthly pay. It is usually considered on an hourly and per session basis. Private tutors can charge as high as $ 100 per hour per session for higher classes.

Online private tutors usually take classes in groups, so it can become a fruitful option for you as well. The hourly rates for private tutors increase with experience and specialty in subjects.

Tips To Become a Successful Private Tutor

The career approach for a private tutor also follows the same pattern as in any professional career. You will have to complete the minimum required formal education. Any additional certification and training will enhance your CV.

Here are some useful tips for you to become a successful private tutor.

Complete the Educational Requirements

You do not need a doctorate degree to apply as a private tutor. But you certainly need to showcase the academic qualifications to start a career as a tutor.

Many training institutes offer specialized courses and training for tutors. Having a certification or diploma will further enhance your credibility.

Build a Strong Resume

Create a professional and eye-catching resume to make a lasting first impression on the recruiters. Students will also take a look at your credentials. It will be wise to build a strong online resume portfolio such as a resume web page.

Create your professional profiles on special platforms like LinkedIn and Medium for additional benefits.

Pitch your Resume at the Right Places

Start out by reaching out to the professional hiring consultants. You can also reach out to the recruiters through social platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Fully harness the reach of social media. Choose the right places to apply for your first job.

Build a Strong Network

Private tutors heavily rely on social networking and referencing. You can start reaching out to students and recruiters through social media platforms. Creating an effective and vibrant social network will open up different opportunities for you.

Private Tutoring Sites

There are a few quality platforms that constantly lookout for qualified private tutors. You can build a candidate profile with these platforms and apply for different jobs available. Most of these sites work on matching principles, both students and tutors can arrange the sessions accordingly.

Here are a few top Tutoring Sites to choose from:


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