11 Ways to Make Money from Writing

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Many people take writing as a hobby, soon it turns out to be their lifelong profession. Writing is one of the purists and satisfying professions in the world. It may not seem a rewarding profession at times, but it surely is one of the finest.

If you have an appetite for learning and skills to write, you must think of ways of making money from writing. Even if you are a naïve writer, you must start writing with your favorite topics.

You have already been doing it in your educational career. Professional writing takes a different route though. The first thing you need to do is to explore your passion for writing. There are hundreds of ways and niches in writing alone.

We have compiled a curated list of the top 11 ways to make money from writing. You can also consider the list as suggestive research for you to decide on your writing passion.

Make Money with Academic and Research Writing

Academic and research writing take the most professional writing course as a profession. Most academic writers join educational institutes where they contribute to scholarly research.

Research writing is required by every industry and sector including the business sector. Most companies hire research writers permanently. According to Payscale the average annual wages for a writer in the US are $50,000 but can range from $30,000 to as high as $ 90,000.

Research and academic writers work independently too with contract and project basis with different institutes and companies.

Literary and Creative Writing

Literary and creative writing is the one field of writing that comes with natural talent. Although there are no bars on writing literary works such as novels, poetry, philosophy, etc. for anyone.

If you have a natural talent for being creative, turn it into a writing profession. You can make money through literary and creative works in many ways. The most popular options to make money with literary writing will be books, publications, journals, newspapers, and e-books.

Make Money with Reportage Writing

If you are pursuing an educational degree in journalism or mass communication, this one is for you. Reportage writing includes jobs like report writing, columns, editorials, opinions, and research works for publishers.

The hiring faculty for you will include newspapers, magazines, journals, online publications, and institutions. The best way of making money with reportage writing is to focus on a niche and build expertise in one industry like sports, business, current affairs, etc.

Make Money with Article Writing

Fine-tune and narrow down your focus on reportage writing and you’ll get the best option of article writing. Primarily article writing is associated with journalism only.

The writing industry has evolved a lot though. Develop expertise in one industry or profession, and build a promising portfolio. You will then be able to utilize the portfolio as your professional resume as well as alternative options.

Follow the relevant social media platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter to reach out to the professionals looking for article writers. Pitch them with the best of your work.

Business Writing Services

Large businesses around the world hire professional business writers. The business writing jobs range from writing business correspondence, Memorandums, office letters, email writing, reports, business proposals, etc.

It is one of the most sought skills in the business world. You will have to develop industry knowledge as well as promising writing skills. Business writing services are rapidly transferring to the freelancing world.

More businesses are outsourcing their business writing services to specialists. You can make handsome money with business writing skills.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is specialized and concise writing on the specific technical aspect. Technical writing subjects may range from computing, chemistry, business and economics, medical and healthcare, aeronautics, forestry, etc.

Technical writing services can include any form of subject expertise and communication. These subjects may include product descriptions, coding details, business proposals, scientific articles, process explainers, etc.

Nature and difficulty level of technical writing means the money-making with technical writing is easier than in other fields.

Make Money with Review Writing

You need to develop some analytical and reviewing skills at first. You can make money by reviewing articles, literary works, novels, and any other form of writing for others. Newspapers, magazines, bloggers, and individual writers alike need critical reviews for their works.

Another popular option to make money with review writing is to post reviews for the fashion and film industries. You can write a movie, films, songs, and fashion trend reviews for businesses as well as a blogger.

Make Money with Copywriting

Bring out your creative and marketing skills and convert them into appalling writings. Marketing and advertising agencies are constantly looking for copywriters throughout the world.

Creativity can’t be bought. Copywriting skills are one of the most highly paid jobs around the world. Making money with copywriting is easier than any other field of writing.

The competition is lower, but all you need is the art of creativity and effective communication skills.

Make Money with Blog Writing or Blogging

Blogging is a passion and hobby for many of the starters. Online and social media advertisements have reached new levels. More firms now utilize online marketing and advertisements than ever before. That means there are more ways of monetizing your blog.

If you can write on any topic and can write consistently, making money with blogging shouldn’t be difficult for you. Affiliate marketing and advertisements are two of the most popular options for monetizing blogs.

Write E-Books

Be your boss and unleash creativity. The old fashioned book writing is fast evolving to the new e-books. In fact, every newly published book these days comes with a standard e-book.

You can start with a small e-book with a focused topic of your interest or expertise. There are several ways of making money with e-books such as direct sales, affiliate marketing, and online ads.

Write as Freelance Ghostwriter

Freelancing sites offer compelling opportunities to ghostwriters. You’ll write for others through these freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and People per Hour.

Develop your writing skills in a specific field and build a portfolio. All you have to do is to fine-tune your niche selection. There is a lot of competition in the freelancing market these days. The rewards for ghostwriting are good money for you though.


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