What Are Solo Ads And Should You Use Them In Your Business?

Solo ads
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Online marketing has leveled the advertising scene. This has given marketers, businesses, and individuals endless opportunities to market their products and services.

From PPC and SEO to display advertising and social media marketing, there is no shortage of ways to spread the word about your business and put your products and services in front of the right people.

While you may be aware of the above mentioned online marketing methods, have you heard of solo Ads? Solo email ads can be a great addition to your email advertising campaigns.

If you are wondering what solo Ads are, and whether you should give them a try in your business, then don’t worry.

In this article, I will help you understand what solo ads are, how they work, where to find the best solo Ads, and what you do to succeed in your solo Ads campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing: This article contains affiliate links, which means that if you use the link to buy a product, I get a commission, at no cost to you but help me survive my blog and produce more articles. 

What’s a Solo Ad?

Solo Ads are a form of paid email-based advertisements that you buy from email list owners. They are a common type of advertising among affiliate marketers, but can also work well in promoting eCommerce and other services.

How Do Solo Ads Work?

Solo Ads work pretty much like email campaigns. The only difference is that you pay someone else to promote your product and service through their own email list instead of your own.

First, you need to find a solo ad list in your niche that you are interested in. Then you reach out to the owner to buy access to the list.

After that, you provide them with an email copy that they will use to promote your business. You can either agree to pay based on how many clicks your promotion link gets or by how many subscribers your copy will be blasted to.

If all goes well, the subscribers in that email list will click through your link and end up on your opt-in page where they can heed your call to action (CAT) and convert. You will then end up with Solo Ads conversions which are a lot cheaper than other types of advertising.

Who Uses Solo Ads?

Just like any other marketing method, anybody can use solo Ads. But they tend to work better in the internet marketing niche, especially for affiliates and information marketers, than in other places.

The main reason why solo ads are hot in these areas is that you can easily find email list owners who are ready to blast your email copy to their subscribers.

Such mailing lists are uncommon in other areas and where they exist, companies that own them may not be willing to trade their subscribers for solo ads due to their hazy reputation.

That said, solo email Ads work best for the following people and niches:

Marketers with a tight budget: Solo ads are cheaper than other types of advertising like Google or Bing Adwords. That means a few hundred dollars will be enough to do some experimentation with solo ads and drive conversions

SEO  and PPC competitive niches: If you are struggling to get search engine traffic in your niche, you can use solo ads to boost your website traffic. Niches such as fitness, affiliate marketing, and finances are not only SEO competitive, but their PPC prices tend to be through the roof. In this case, you can use solo ads to navigate the stiff competition without breaking the bank.

New product launch: When launching a new product, you kind of need quick results. That leaves you with no time to build an audience of your own. Leveraging some else’s email-list via solo ads is a quick way to send traffic to your product page and drive quick sales.

How to Find a Good List Owner And a Good List For Solo Ads

Most of the time, solo ads are offered at an individual level, meaning that you tend to deal with the list owner directly. This presents potential risks!

Some people use unsavory methods to build their solo ad lists. Using scraping software to acquire email addresses is one of the less-than-ideal methods that some list owners use to build their email lists. Such email lists tend to convert very poorly.

So, what can you do to sift the shady guys when it comes to solo ads? Here are some ways that you can use to tell apart good and bad list owners.

Find a solo ad list owner in your niche: This will ensure that your offers will do well in their email list and ensure a high click-through rate. Also, ask them how often they mail to that list. If they have too many other links that they are promoting per week, keep searching.

Avoid the big-promise guys: As they say, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. You can save yourself a lot of heartbreak down the road by avoiding list owners with big promises

Verify the credibility of the list owner: From user groups and friends to social media account reviews, there are so many online resources that you can use to verify whether the list owner is credible. The aim here is to know what others who have worked with them are saying. If others have complained, then that is a red flag.

Start small: You need to test at least 3-5 email lists in your niche with a small budget to see which one converts well for you. Don’t drop $500 on a solo ad list for the first time before you test it.

Ask the list owner how they build their solo ad list: They may not tell you the truth, but whatever they tell you, go ahead and ask for some proof. For example, you may ask to see their email opt-in page on their website, or some proof of Facebook or Google ads they used to drive sign-ups into their newsletter.

Seek to know their spam complaint rate:  If their spam complaint rate is 0.2% or more, move on. Only work with list owners whose average spam complaint rate is around 0.1%.

Ask whether they track hard bounces: Good list owners remove subscribers from their list after one or two hard bounces. If your solo ad list owner doesn’t track and process hard bounces, consider not working with them.

Where to Buy Solo Ads

Now that you know how to filter the bad guys from the good ones in the world of solo ads, it is time to know some of the places where you can buy solo ads. There are so many websites out there offering solo ads. Here is my picks and I have personally use it in my fitness niche blog.

UDIMI Solo Ads

UDIMI is a top solo ads marketplace. List owners take to this platform to promote their solo ad lists. It is a great place to meet them and buy directly from them, instead of finding individual list owners from scratch.

Here is why I recommend UDIMI as your go-to platform when it comes to buying solo ads.

Plenty of sellers: With close to 2000 list sellers and counting, you are sure to find a genuine solo list owner in your niche.

Only the best sellers survive on the platform: Solo ad buyers leave reviews based on the quality of service they have received. List owners who consistently receive poor reviews lose sales. That means list owners do their best to offer clients the best service possible to ensure they get continued business.

Build-in span protection:  This is meant to ensure that list owners deliver on their promise. If not, you get your money back.

Competitive prices: Due to the many solo ad list owners on the platform, you are sure to get quality services at lower prices. In fact, UDIMI solo ads are very well-priced.

Bear in mind that UDIMI solo ads will work well for you in health, Internet marketing, weight loss & Fitness, Cryptocurrencies, multi-level marketing, and the Make Money Online niches.

Facebook groups

You can also find solo ad advertisers on Facebook groups that are dedicated to offering solo ads. A simple Facebook search will bring you countless offers to choose from.

Direct Sales

This approach requires time and effort because it means finding someone in your niche with a decent solo ad email list. You can then contact them to ask whether you can purchase solo ads from them.

What you Need to Succeed in Solo Ads

Here is very tricky to be success, especially, if you are affiliate marketer. You must not send your traffic direct to the product page you are promoting, of course, you can be the conversion rate will be very low.

Event you are launching new product to the marketing you still must not send your traffic direct to the product page, why? As most of people they don’t like to buy products at their first review and if they don’t buy and leave your product page you will never ever reach them again.

So below will help your conversion rate and boost your sale for a long term, you will need:

A great opt-in page: This is a specific page where your buyers will land after clicking your link in the solo ad, where you will give away some value thing like eBook, use useful article or tips to show the problem related to what your product is about.

While they find it useful and decide to download your content that’s when they decide give you email which you can promote your product again and again after this. You may Leadpages for opt-in page builder as it is affordable and easy to use.

Auto email system: You will need to integrate your mail list collecting with GetResponse which is an awesome auto email system for you to re-target your mail list.  


There you have it! Go ahead and try solo ads to see whether they will return a decent ROI on your business without spending a fortune.

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