Key Tips to Success as a Seller on Fiverr

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The freelancing world has evolved into a fast-growing economy. If you’re young and new to the gig economy, learn the best practices to succeed in a world of professionals.

The simple sign up and account creation isn’t going to work on any freelancing site and Fiverr in particular for you. The competition with highly skilled and professional freelancers is becoming fiercely competitive each day.

From setting up the profile the right way to ranking the Gigs on the front page of the search engine, you’ll need to focus on every bit of your seller profile.

Here are our key tips for you to become a successful seller on Fiverr.

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Set up a Genuine Profile with Originals

It must come as a standard instruction for any freelancer, but it’s highly important. Do not fake out any of your profile information. There are several sub-sections in your account and profile set up that may not seem important to you, but are of utmost importance for any freelancer.

Keep these sections of your profile as genuine as possible:

  • Use your personal and correct name information
  • Use an authentic and beautiful looking picture, it doesn’t have to be in a professional dress code but it must be genuinely yours
  • Provide the educational and skills information honestly, do not exaggerate or try falsify the skills section
  • Link in your social media or professional sites with your profile to create a more professional image

Don’t be shy about showing off your face in an original manner. Show the skillset that you possess to the world. You may be newer to the Freelancing world, but not unskilled.

Now it’s time to create your first Gig and the one that the world can find.

Creating the Gigs – Best Practices

Do a little homework before you publish your first Gig on Fiverr. A gig is simply the service package that you’ll offer to your customers. It includes all the details about services, rates, and the time you need to perform that service.

Before You Publish a Gig:

  • Do not vaguely categories your services instead create a gig with a Niche selection. Narrow down your focus as much as you can. For example, Marketing > Digital Marketing > Social Media Marketing > Facebook Marketing > Lead Generation.
  • Search the correct pricing that matches your skills and the services you offer. You don’t need to stick to that $ 5 gig, that’s the minimum you can charge.
  • Evaluate the time you’ll need to perform the service. A lot of services on Fiverr require multi-stage work delivery. Remember, you may have to work on multiple projects at once in the future too.

How to Publish the Gig with Best Practices?

This is where most of your seller profile’s success will rely on. The more time you spend on creating a killer gig, the more rewards you’ll reap for it. Creating and then ranking the gig are closely linked. Think of it as a blog post, the content is the king, but you cannot ignore the SEO practices too.

Here are a few tips that will help you set up the Gigs perfectly:

  • Write a perfect Gig title that serves well for the SEO purpose. Include the service you provide in minimum words as your Gig Title. It will also become a permanent gig link that will appear on top if you share it with your community.
  • Optimize the gig title and balance it with SEO and service on offer. Pick the correct wording. Give it time and find the best results by experimenting.
  • Fully utilize the Description space of your gig. Include “keywords” about your service in the description as well. Do not overdo it, but repeat the words so that they appear after a search.
  • Be realistic and keep it real when writing down the gig descriptions. Keep in mind, this is the service that you’re promising to your potential clients. Offer anything with your multi-skill talent, but never offer that you can’t do.
  • Provide your work samples and templates to give a feel of your work to your new clients, this is your chance to show them rather than telling.
  • Use an authentic and eye-catching Gig Image. Be creative with it, and preferably use an image that also gives your buyers a hint about your services. This isn’t your profile picture, it’s your gig’s showcase.
  • Create different packages, you can create three different packages. Create the add-on with extras to offer flexible choices to your clients.
  • Set your pricing in an optimized way. This may sound odd, but try not to under-value nor over-value your service at first.

Once you have created the profile and published the Gigs, it’s now up to the clients to contact you. Wait, there is much more that you can do instead of just waiting for a buyer to contact you.

Share Your Fiverr Profile

Share your Fiverr profile or a selected gig on social media with your community. Fully harness the power of social media outreach.

It’s your free marketing tool. Be careful never to do a paid advertisement or pay anyone to buy your gigs. Stay compliant with Fiverr terms and conditions at all times.

Communicating with the Buyers

There are important metrics that showcase your profile ratings. Response rate and Response time are two important metrics that always appear on your profile.

Once you receive a message from a potential buyer, reply as fast as you can. Keep your communication smooth and clear. Both response rate and response time are your averages over 60 days with buyers on Fiverr.

Effective communication plays a pivotal role in a seller’s success at all stages. Before the service delivery, during the work-in-progress stage, and even after delivering the project. Stay vibrantly active and keep your buyers in good faith with effective communication.

How to Find Best Freelancers on Fiverr and Get Your Work Done With the Highest Quality

Other Important Tips

Here are a few other tips that will keep you on the right track with Fiverr.

  • Stay compliant with Fiverr terms and Conditions at all time
  • Never ask for an outside payment nor agree with such buyers
  • Do Not ask for Gig reviews or pay anyone for the feedback
  • Never agree to work or become part of the project that violates the Fiverr Terms and conditions
  • Set up a two-factor account log in to secure your account
  • Never share your account privacy details with anyone


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