What Kind Of Projects You Should Work With Freelancers On Fiverr?

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There are certain business tasks that you can easily outsource with freelancing sites like Fiverr. The biggest advantage of outsourcing is time-saving.

You can get the job done from a specialist and also save time to focus on the core business activity. For individuals and self-employed, the outsourcing function may seem costly at first, but it surely outweighs the costs with long term benefits.

You can outsource any business function these days, whether it’s a service or product. Popular e-commerce methods like Drop shipping enables you to outsource the product shipping and trading too.

Working in an organized manner and continuous basis, outsourcing with freelancers may bring cost controls and value to your business.

Here are the top functions of your business that you can outsource on Fiverr and other platforms.

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Web Development and Programming

It was supposed to be a one-time task to outsource the web development for your business. For service and e-commerce businesses, web development and customization needs occur on an on-going basis.

You can find the best of the programmers and web developers on Fiverr to get things going.

Businesses eventually grow from web presence to e-commerce platforms. The e-commerce store development and embedding other features require significant customization knowledge.

Web customization and app development is another relevant task that you can outsource on Fiverr.

Marketing and Sales Projects

Since the evolution of digital marketing, the outsourcing of total marketing and sales function has become a new normal.

You can outsource any marketing project to freelancers these days. Digital marketing includes most of the marketing function of any modern business.

Some key tasks that you can outsource with freelancers on Fiverr include:

  • Brand development
  • Search Engine Optimization and Local SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead generation and lead conversion
  • Email marketing and direct calling

These are just the broader categories of marketing and sales functions that you start working with freelancers. You can find more refined freelancers too such as experts in website audits, page optimization, post scheduling, etc.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping have been the oldest business function to outsource. It has become even more convenient with modern accounting software and portals like QuickBooks, XERO, etc.

Financial statements and income tax returns require specialist knowledge and expertise. Hiring an accountant or finance professional is often an expensive task for small businesses.

Outsourcing the accounting function with tax reconciliation has become a regular task with freelancers on Fiverr and other platforms.

Administration Task with Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants or VAs have also become a popular choice for many businesses lately. Certain office administrative tasks can now be outsourced on regular basis.

For example, meetings and task scheduling, cold calling, social media posts, e-mails, and many other routine tasks.

Depending on your business need and required expertise you can find any type of virtual assistant from accountants to business consultancy.

Business Representative and Customer Service

Modern businesses have shifted to online platforms, which extends their businesses beyond geographical boundaries.

More businesses now need 24/7 customer support than ever. Sometimes, you may need a customer support agent in a foreign country with local language expertise.

You may hire a virtual assistant or business representative in another country through freelancing sites such as Fiverr.

Dedicated customer support and 24/7 availability play a crucial role in the modern competitive business environment. This is one of the popular tasks that you can outsource with freelancers.

Business Research

Talking about business expansion, here is another business function to consider while thinking of the freelancing community.

Your business may need certain research on customer feedback, product launch, or business competition. Simple research on social media to find out the genuine customer concerns.

Perhaps you may need to find out about your new supplier from a remote location. There are plenty of business research tasks that you can outsource to freelancers.

Graphic Designing and Visuals

From brand identity with a 3D logo to the flyer and card designs, from making a social media advertisement to an industrial product, name a feature of graphic designing and you’ll find a solution on Fiverr.

There is a whole bunch of sub-categories under the graphic designing and visuals a broader one. A few common graphic designing projects to consider on Fiverr may include:

  • Logo designing and illustrations
  • Band identity and style development
  • Infographics, presentations, and vector designs
  • Flyers, brochures, cards, and business designs
  • Interior and architectural designing

Writing Projects

For businesses and individuals, the content creation and writing tasks range through many variations. It is also one of the most widely used services on Fiverr. Whether your need is for blog writing or translation, you can find a solution here.

Some regularly outsourced projects on Fiverr in the writing category include:

  • Articles and Blogs posts
  • Proofreading and Beta Reading
  • Resume Writing, Cover Letter Writing, LinkedIn profiles
  • Sales copy, Social media marketing campaigns, names, and slogans
  • Whitepapers, business writing, and press releases

Video and Animations

You can find video editors and animators alike on the Fiverr platform. The animation industry has evolved a lot in the last few years.

The business need for digital marketing and digital advertisements have changed the way animations were being used previously.

You can with the following projects on Fiverr with your favorite freelancers:

  • Video editing and compilation
  • Whiteboard and explainer videos
  • 3D product and logo animations
  • Kids animation and cartoons
  • Short video ads and promotion ads
  • Intros and outros for social media channels
  • Screencasting and screen recording videos

Music and Audio Projects

You would’ve never thought of composing a song of your own with a freelancer helping you out. Or you’ve recorded one but don’t know how to mix it.

Perhaps you have got a tutorial video and you need a good voiceover for it. There tons of music and audio services that you can get from the freelancing world. Audiobooks, podcasts, sound mixing, and mashups are quite popular projects on Fiverr.

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