How to Find Best Freelancers on Fiverr and Get Your Work Done With the Highest Quality

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If you’re thinking of hiring a freelancer for your business or personal tasks, you may need to find the best of the talent. There are a number of freelancing sites in the market. Fiverr is one of the leading freelancing platforms in the world currently.

Choosing the right freelancing and getting the best out of the sellers is everyone’s wish. The value-for-money evaluation is the prime tool that everyone eventually uses.

As a buyer, you’ll need to set the goals first with your work requirement. The cost of the required work will play an important role in your final decision, but that’s not the only parameter that you should stick to.

Here is my step-by-step- guide for you to find the best freelancing talent on Fiverr and getting the highest quality work done.

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Plan Your Project and Set the Objectives

Prepare your checklist and set the objectives that you seek from the freelancer. First of all decide, whether the project can be outsourced to a freelancer at all or not. Practically, in today’s freelancing world, there is hardly any business task that freelancers can’t do.

Identifying your project objectives and setting clearer goals will make the communication and work evaluation easier for both seller and buyer.

For example, the project description for designing a new startup logo and a marketing campaign on Facebook would require significant input information from your side. The seller wouldn’t be able to convert your ideas into the final product unless they clearly see your business mission, strategy, or marketing plan.

Use the Fiverr Search Bar Wisely

Apparently, all you have to do is to type in a few words in the Fiverr search bar and you’ll see a list of the seller under it. That’s quite right, but that’s the best way of doing it. Narrow down your search as much as you can. Do not hesitate to multiple searches with similar keywords.

Here are a few tips for you:

  • Refine your freelancer search with Niche selection
  • Utilize the search filters by choosing the Seller type, location, and seniority
  • Choose your budget wisely (more on it below)
  • Don’t hesitate to set the top or 5-star rating to begin the search

If you have planned for a project that requires a series of milestones or looking for a freelancer for your business on an on-going basis, you’ll be better off to spend most of the time here.

Read the Freelancers’ Gig Descriptions

Prepare a list of different freelancers under your required category. Freelancers on Fiverr offer their services in packages. They name it differently, but there are three types of packages called Gig Packages.

Read the gig description thoroughly at least once, Sellers are obliged to provide the services they list in their gig descriptions. On the other hand, it will make your job easier. You can read in detail what you’ll get in the package and at what cost.

Do not forget to compare the freelancers’ packages, it’s a tool that Fiverr offers you for free. You can quickly see the comparison for all the packages on offer.

Keep an Eye on the Freelancers Reviews

Just without asking directly to the seller, you can go through their profile and see how they’ve done in the past. Go through a few of the 5 star and 4-star reviews about the seller. You can also check out the sellers’ delivery section where most of their recently delivered work appears.

While reviewing the sellers’ feedback and ratings, go through the sellers’ profile section in the header as well. You’ll see the seller’s communication ratings as the average time to respond and response rate etc.

Communicating With the Freelancers

You may choose to place the order directly, fulfill the order requirements, and pay in advance to Fiverr. Your money remains with Fiverr until you receive the delivery of the project. We suggest to communicate with the Freelancers and talk about the project before the seller starts working on it.

Effective communication is a prerequisite for the sellers, it equally is important for buyers to get the highest quality work done. You never know, a question from the seller may make you change your mind on the project.

Value the Freelancers’ Feedback

Once you choose the perfect after setting up the required filters and objectives, it’s time to hear from the freelancer now. You may have provided enough guides on your business brand, marketing strategy, color schemes, etc. but it may not be enough for the freelancer. Perhaps, in asking for more details, they’ll create a more valuable project for your company.

It may be a good idea to mend the project requirements a bit or show some flexibility towards the freelancer. After all, they have done it in the past, and they’ve done well, that’s why you are hiring them in the first place, right?

What If You Need A Change In The Final Delivery?

Remember when we talked about comparing the seller’s packages and gig descriptions, the number of revisions option is included in every package. Without approaching the customer services, you can ask the seller for a revision or two.

Most basic packages come with one or two revisions, however, many freelancers in some categories offer unlimited revisions. You can make the best use of the revision option to fine-tune the project.

What If The Seller Refuses Your Revision Request?

That’s highly unlikely with a professional community, but it may happen for some unforeseen reasons. If you’ve chosen the right freelancer, they’ll never refuse the revision nor will they stop responding until you get the satisfaction. However, if it does happen, you can contact Fiverr’s resolution center to solve the issue.

It’s always a wise strategy to search a little before you finalize the right Freelancer for your project or company. You’ll be paying the freelancers and it’s your right to expect the best services. Effective communication and elaborating the clear objectives to the freelancers play a key role in getting the highest quality work.

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