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In this day and age, videos and photos have taken the center stage in the marketing scenes. But how can you create catchy videos and photos that get views & clicks and drive traffic? Let’s take a look at two video editing software that will help you send your video production efforts through the roof.

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CyberLink -Top video & Photo Editing Software & Apps, and Media Player

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CyberLink is an award-winning video and photo editing software. Techradar has named it the best video editing software of 2020! But it doesn’t stop with video and photo editing.

It is also a powerful multimedia software offering video playback capabilities that make it easy for users to create, play, and share outstanding media content via online, DVD & Blu-ray, video conferencing, live casting, and mobile.

The software is packed with enough features to help you take your video and photo editing game to the next level.

Top CyberLink Features

Having been in the game for over 20 years, CyberLink gives you Director Suite 365, which is packed with high-performance and precision tools that you need to nail your creative work.

Director Suite 365 is CyberLink’s complete editing studio for content creators that enables you to tackle productions of all sizes. Here, you get all the tools you need to take your video, photo, color, and audio editing game to the next level.

From new creative effects, refined image masking, and expanded keyframing capabilities presented with an intuitive user interface, you get everything you need to create professional-looking visuals and artistic masterpieces in one powerful workflow.

The Suite is packed with the following tools:

PowerDirector 365

This is the video editing tool with all the features you need to unleash your creativity, bring your video ideas to life, and nail your video editing with high-performance and powerful editing tools.

With a mask designer, intuitive motion tracking, dynamic keyframe controls, customizable motion graphic titles, sketch animation overlays, and professional-grade creative effects, PowerDirector gives infinite possibilities when it comes to video creation and editing.


Are you looking to turn photos into art? If you want to have your photo game on point, Cyberlink’s PhotDirector has you covered. Here, you get extraordinary, true-to-life image retouching tools to perfect and polish your images and create stunning surreal works of art.

Glitch art effect, dispersion effect, incredible light rays, AI-powered deblur, powerful animations, and a royalty-free stock library are some of the features of the PhotoDirector that enable you to manipulate objects, twist reality, create seamless blends and create complex images. The sky’s the limit!


Color is an important aspect of any creative work. Cyberlink’s ColorDirector 9 Ultra is packed with all the features you need to transform any video footage into a professional creation through precision color grading.

ColorDirector integrates seamlessly with the PowerDirector’s production workflow to enable you to correct, stylize, balance, and enhance your video color masterfully.

Outstanding features such as directional light rays, adjustable presets, color match, selection mask with motion tracking, keyframe color replacement, and green screen maker enable you to craft and harmonize colors throughout your video to craft cinematic experiences.


Creative work is never complete without sound design. That’s why CyberLink gives you a professional audio station for sound restoration, multi-tracking, mixing, and editing audio. AudioDirector is stocked with the right tools and effects, backed with an intuitive interface to help you nail your sound production.

From AI wind Removal, AI DeReverb, Vocal Transformer, Vocal Contouring, Vocal Balance and Removal, Batch Processing and Multi-Channel Device Recording, AudioDirecotr packed with enough features to enable precision audio editing for your videos.

What You Get With CyberLink’s Director Suite 365

  • Fastest rendering
  • Lots of effects
  • Outstanding 360-degree video capabilities of any video editor
  • Screen recording and motion tracking capabilities
  • Multicam editing
  • Clear, easy to use interface
  • 3D and 4K capability, and a whole lot more

CyberLink’s Subscription Plans

1. Annual Plan: This is priced at $89.99, which is roughly $7.50/mo

2. Monthly Plan: This goes for $29.99/mo

MAGIX -Best for Video Editing, Music Production, and Photo Editing

Photo screenshot from Magix product page

Magix has been in the game for over 25 years. Their cutting-edge software is best for video editing, music production, and photo editing. It has helped more than 35 million people and thousands of broadcasting companies tell their stories, promote their brands, create movies, and generate stunning soundtracks.

The company is reputed for manufacturing all kinds of audio, video, and graphic photo software to allow creators to get professional with their productions.

The MAGIX award-winning SaaS solutions come with innovative automation, workflow coordination, and a whole lot of features to help you unlock your creative genius and realize your creative vision.

MAGIX Top Features

  • Movie Edit Pro

This enables you to create high-quality videos, get creative with video editing, and make captivating videos easily and in a fun way. It is a powerful video editing program that brings together over 1500 effects and titles, cutting-edge tools, and extensive optimization options.

  • Music Maker

This is a unique studio environment that enables you to create music with intuitive and easy to use drag and drop controls. Through this creative music producer, you will find sounds from a massive collection of beats, tunes, and vocals.

You can play a whole library of software instruments, combine sounds and loops from your favorite genre via drag and drop, and customize your sound with professional effects.

  • Photostory Deluxe

This gives you the ability to edit your photos and create slideshows with exciting effects, animations, and background music. From family celebrations and vacations to little surprises of everyday life, photo story deluxe gives you the tools you need to transform your treasured moments and adventures into animated shows and share them with others.

It is packed with creative photo effects, over 100 photo collage templates, effects & decorative elements, camera tracking shots & zooms, transitions, and intros & outros. These features and effects enable you to transform your photos into fun, shareable moments.

Here is MAGIX Movie Edit Pro stands out

  • Up to 1500 effects, titles, templates, and transitions
  • Multicam and 360 degrees editing
  • Edit and export 8K Ultra HD video
  • Unparalleled performance via the new Infusion Engine 2
  • Professional image stabilization
  • Detailed color correction
  • Travel route animations

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Versions and Pricing

  • Pro: This comes at $69.99 -download and free shipping
  • Pro Plus: This goes for $99.99 -download and free shipping
  • Pro Premium: This goes for $129.00 -download and free shipping


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