Top 3 Security Products That Will Keep You Safe Online

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Cybersecurity threats keep on evolving. This is because the band guys never sleep! They always come with new tactics to compromise your data, cause some pain, and even make money out of your most precious information.

From data breaches and ransomware attacks to computer viruses and crypto-jacking, there is no shortage of cybersecurity threats that cybercriminals can use to bring you down! A 2018 Study estimates that the US will account for half of all breached data in the world by 2023, and cybercriminals will be able to steal about 33 billion records by the same year!


What does that mean for individuals and businesses alike? It means that a little security lapse on your devices or networks is all that guys in the black web need to have their way. Given the cost of cyber-attacks in both time and money, you don’t want to leave any loopholes for cybercriminals to penetrate your networks.

Here are my top three security products that you need to protect your devices and networks from cybercriminals and beat them in their own game.

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NordVPN-Best For Online Data Security

Privacy is the word of the game here! The first thing you need to do to keep criminals at bay is to go anonymous online. With a VPN service, your online traffic flows through a secure, encrypted tunnel. Because no one can see through the tunnel, your data is kept private and secure.

You can change your IP address and use your location as a disguise so that no one will be able to track your online moves. Being the largest VPN server network in the world, NordVPN helps you to do exactly that!

Here is why NordVPN has the best VPN service:

Keep your browsing history anonymous: You can use public WI-Fi connections, and access personal or business accounts on the go without worries. Nobody can trace your browsing history.

Protect all your devices:  With a single NordVPN account, you can connect up to 6 devices at the same time.  You will have your phone, tablet, laptop, Smart TV, and router covered!

User-friendly apps: There is a NordVPN app for each operating system from windows and macOS to iOS, Android, and Android TV. So, you should not worry if you have different devices running on different operating systems.

Proxy extensions: Don’t forget that you can also use encrypted proxy extensions for Chrome and Firefox!

Fast and stable connection: NordVPN gives the fastest connection without bandwidth restrictions.

You have a choice of servers:  You can choose from Over  5500 ultra-fast servers in 59 countries. That means buffering or slow internet connection is out of the question here. More servers mean less load, and a  wide variety of locations means that you will always find a server near you.

NordVPN Security plans

One month Package: This goes for $11.95 per month

1-year package: This goes for $4.92 per month

2-year package: This is the best black Friday deal. It comes with a 68% discount and 3 additional months of NordVPN free. It is priced at $3.71 per month. Instead of the normal $286.80, you only pay $89.00 for the first 2 years, hence saving 68% in costs. Plus a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Securi -Best For Website Security

From website malware and viruses to SEO Spam, there are many threats that hackers can use to torpedo your website. This will not only scare your site visitors but also affect your google rankings. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned website rank and traffic because this can mean losses to your business.

Securi has been built from the bottom up to offer the best website security solutions for small businesses, enterprises, and web professionals. With a dedicated incident response team of security analysts, backed with state-of-the-art technology, Securi offers you the best service you need to keep your website free from malware and viruses.

Here is what you get with Securi platform:

Website malware removal: This entails removing any malicious code in your website file system and database through automatic and manual cleanups.

SEO Spam Repair:  This is aimed at making  your website rank well in search engines by repairing any SEO spam keywords and link injections.

Blacklist status removal: Your website can lose up to 95% of traffic due to security warnings and get blacklisted by Google. Securi submits a blacklist removal request on your behalf.

Protection: Their website firewall is excellent when it comes to filtering malicious traffic and blocking attacks. This helps in speeding up your site.

Unlimited cleanups: No matter how complex the malware infections are, you will have your site restored completely without paying more.

Reliable support: Their security analysts are like an extension of your team, and are available 24/7/365.

Securi Pricing Plans

Basic Plan: This goes for $199.99/yr. You will have your website scanned every 12 hrs

Pro plan: This is priced at $299.99/yr. Your site is scanned every 6hrs

Business plan: This goes for $499.99/yr, with your site being scanned every 30 mins.

McAfee -Best For Internet Security and Antivirus

Sometimes an all-inclusive solution is what you need to keep viruses at bay and stay on top of your privacy and identity online. McAfee gives you total protection. It doubles as antivirus software for your devices and your best bet for staying safe online.

With McAfee, you and your entire family will be protected from the latest viruses, malware, ransomware and spyware, and any other cybersecurity threats. It works fine for Mac, PC, and mobile devices.

Here is what you get:

Premium antivirus

Comprehensive internet security

Multi-faceted Privacy protection

on-the-go secure Wi-Fi

Password manager with VPN

PC optimization

McAfee Pricing Plans

Individual plan:  This goes for NZ$53.95/yr. It is perfect for you if you want to protect one device

Multi-Device Plan: This is priced at NZ$79.95/yr.  It eligible for protecting up to 5 devices

Family Plan: This is the best deal. It goes for NZ$79.95, and is eligible for up to 10 devices.


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