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Video marketing has become all the rage nowadays. It has been named as the go-to marketing strategy with the best ROI by about 51% of marketing professionals across the world! But this doesn’t stop with marketers alone.

In fact, 64% of visitors convert either by purchasing a product or subscribing to services after watching branded social videos! This has made it possible for marketing professionals who use video to grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

But the question is: where can you get a proven YouTube video marketing tool that will help you establish a strong presence on YouTube and take your video marketing game to the next level?

This is where VidIQ comes in! This article will help you understand what the tool is about, the different marketing tools bundled with it, and how this YouTube marketing software can be a gamechanger in your video marketing efforts on YouTube.

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Let us get started! shall we?

What Is VidIQ?

It is a YouTube marketing platform that gives brands, entrepreneurs, marketers, and individual creators all the tools they need to unleash their video marketing potential and meet their marketing goals.

Founded by Rob Sandie, this youtube certified company is based in San Francisco California, and its mission is to help youtube creators through their “YouTube Tag Optimization” Journey.

The company has been in business for around 8 years now and currently manages over 29 billion YouTube views, with clients such as Humane Society, eBay, and AOL using it to up their video marketing game.

Whether you want to build brand awareness and recall, maximize organic reach, or leverage audience insights to drive growth, it has everything you need to get more views on YouTube for free in just a few minutes!

This platform provides you the tools you need to build a loyal audience of consumers, engage them using video, and ignite your fan base to maximize your video marketing potential.

It has helped YouTube creators like Evan Carmichael to build a fan base of over 2.6 million subscribers with over 387.4 million views, and entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban build a customer base of 81.5k subscribers with over 9.1m views!

VidIQ Features And What They Can Help You Achieve

So, what features does it offer to creators, brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs? It has amazing features that allow you to get started on your video marketing journey within minutes. Here, we discuss the tools offered, and how they can help you stand out and stay ahead of the video marketing game.

Keyword  Research Tools

Creating great content on YouTube is not enough. You may have great content that no one will ever see! The secret to growing your customer base and increasing your views lies in your videos being discovered. For that to happen, they have to rank well.

It understands this very well and gives you keyword research tools to find the best keywords that will help you optimize your tags, titles, playlists, and descriptions so that your videos can stand out, rank well, become visible, and get noticed.

There is also the VidIQ scorecard tool that gives you a detailed analysis of how well your content is performing against the competition, and what your competition is doing to win so that you can devise your strategy appropriately.

With the its scorecard and keyword research tool, you will inevitably boost and maximize your organic search and bring in the 58% of viewers who arrive at YouTube through Search.

Channel Audit Tool

The channel audit tool is all about helping you understand what is or isn’t working with your content. It’s like having a 24/7 expert YouTube consultant at your command, telling you everything you need to do to grow your channel and get it in the best shape possible.

It gives you all the data and information you need to grow your channel and achieve success on YouTube, hence making it a powerful marketing tool that you can only find on VidIQ.

Competitors Tool

If you want to have a winning video marketing strategy, then it helps to get tabs on what the competition is doing without them knowing it.

This is what the VidIQ competitors’ tool is all about. It gives you a sneak peek of how your competition is doing, the type of content they are creating to rank highly, and everything they are doing to win more subscribers and attract golden views.

This tool enables you to easily track creators with YouTube channels related to yours, from trendsetting influencers in your space to smaller channels that have breakthrough content.

That way, you can take advantage of what your competition is doing right to grow your YouTube channels with the help of the VidIQ competitors’ tool.

With this tool, you will not only be able to understand, but also beat your competitions.

Compare Views Tool

Knowing how your content is performing is important for any creator, brand, or entrepreneur who wants to win on YouTube. To do that, you need to compare your channels with other channels. It gives you tools to compare views and help you see view velocity for your video compared to any other channel, video, or playlist on YouTube.

Through this tool, you can compare views and track the performance of your content by getting real-time stats on how your content is doing compared to other related channels.

Trend alerts & Most viewed tools

If you want to keep pace with the video marketing game on YouTube, you cannot afford to miss out on YouTube trends. You need to know everything about the trending topics in your niche so that you can align your content with the spirit of the people and win more subscriptions and views.

VidIQ’s trend alerts & most viewed tools allow you to establish exactly that. They give you incredible insights into trending topics and content that are driving massive views on YouTube.

Productivity Tools & Thumbnail Generator

Running your YouTube channel can be a hassle if you lack the right tools to boost your productivity. It productivity tools are meant to take the headache out of the daily management of your YouTube channels and free you so that you can utilize your precious time to create your content.

These tools come with a litany of features to help you optimize and promote your videos across your YouTube channel and other social platforms.

Achievements Tools

Everybody wants to celebrate their marketing wins! But it can be nerve-wracking to go searching for your achievement on your YouTube channels so that you can reward yourself. With this achievement’s tools, you set your milestones and track them.

Anytime you achieve your next milestone, it rewards you with automatically generated certificates that you can share with your community of users and remain motivated!

Whether you cracked 10,000 views or 1000 subscribers, all the information is availed in a real-time status bar for you to see and celebrate yourself because you deserve it!

Pricing & Plans

One top advantage of this too is that it has a plan for everyone. Whether you are getting started on YouTube or are already a powerful trendsetting influencer, it has a place for you. And the good thing is, their pricing plans scale with the growth of your YouTube channels and audience.

Here are the different pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • Basic: This plan is perfect for you if you are just getting started on YouTube. It allows you to get started for free.
  • Pro: This plan starts at only $7.5/mo! You get more analytics and research keywords with this plan.
  • Boost: You can get started with this plan at only $39/mo, and get 2X more views on new videos by levering all the different video marketing!
  • Boost Plus: This plan goes for $415/mo. Apart from taking advantage of the different video marketing tools available on VidIQ, the plan comes bundled with personalized coaching for dedicated creators & agencies.


  • Expand your YouTube channel: Whether you are a sole creator or an agency, it will help you grow your brand, get noticed on YouTube, increase visibility, rank highly, and realize more subscribers and views.
  • Organized analytics: Analytics are organized by channels, video, among other factors, and you only need to sync your Youtube account with VidIQ to get started.
  • Keyword search explorer: Based on trending google searches, you get keyword recommendations to optimize your tags and description, even for the free basic plan.
  • Video and Channel Analytics:  You get all the crucial stats at a glance on your dashboards such as comments, social shares, views per hour, and real-time subscribers so that you can know whether your efforts are paying off or not.
  • Keep up with competitors: Through the SEO tab, and the keyword research tools, you get all the information you need to understand and beat your competition.

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