5 Best Video Creation Software

5 Best Video Creation Software
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Video marketing is changing the online marketing game. 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a branded video!

That said, 51% of marketers across the globe agree that video is the type of content with the best ROI, with a marketer who integrates video in their marketing efforts growing their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.

That is why every marketer, ecommerce, freelancer video profiteer, entrepreneur, or affiliate should be concerned about finding a sale converted video creator software that will help them scale their video marketing efforts to the next level.

Whether you are an experienced video marketer or just getting started, here we will help you find the five best video creator software that converts for any niche or method.

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AI Video Creator

Chris & Ken, the maker of this fresh and new Video creator tool, has been creating $10k/Day videos that cost thousands of dollars to put together. The idea behind this great video creation software is to help you do exactly that, but in just 11 clicks within 60 seconds, and without the cost!

This new 4-in-1 sale converted video creation software comes with 15x proven template packs that convert for any niche or method.

To make this possible, this video creation software leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to help you make profitable or highly converting videos for any niche without having to spend a fortune on it.

Most of the work that goes into creating an outstanding marketing video has been done for you so that you can create unlimited quality videos within a minute.

Whether you are a YouTuber, eCommerce store owner, affiliate marketer, a Facebook user, or a freelancer video profiteer, AI video creation software is built for you and will help you create pro videos for almost every niche.

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Best of AI Video Creation software

500 preloaded templates: You can customize your video with 9 royalty-free backing tracks, 12 different fonts, and 11 background images.

15 template packs: This AI video creator comes preloaded with 15 templates from the top 15 money making niches and methods such as Affiliate marketing, internet marketing, trading, YouTube PPC, eCommerce, dieting, among others.

1500 Real Human voices: To take your sales copy a notch higher, this AI video creator comes loaded with 1500x real recorded human voices from a professional UK voice-over artist.

23 Motion Graphics Templates: With a new motion-graphics video editing engine, this video creator software takes your motion graphics game to the next level with 23 motion graphics to choose from to edit slide text, animate imported images, and videos.

500x pre-written template lines: Sales copywriting has been done for you, and you can choose, edit and combine template lines form 500x editable scripts.

The AI video creator is fully compatible with Mac and Windows, comes with video training from newbie to advanced, a 60-day money-back guarantee, and monthly updates.

All these at a one-time price of $17! And you join over 80,000 happy customers who are already using one of the best video creation software out there for any niche or method.


Explaindio business edition is one of the best video creation software for entrepreneurs, creators, businesses, and marketers seeking to grow a compelling online presence through video, or make money online providing video services to clients.

This sale converted video creation software stands out as the only video creation software that uses WARP Technology to make it easy for you to create all in one compelling, and attention-grabbing video from a combination of three elements: whiteboard sketch, animation, and full-motion video.

With this great video creator software, you can create videos to get your message out on social media, showcase your products or services, or create powerful sales videos, that will grab the attention of your visitors and direct them to take the desired actions.

Whether you want to create 2D & 3D animated videos, doodle animation & whiteboard videos, explainer videos, or full-motion videos, this video creation software will help you achieve your goals with an easy to use drag & drop content creator.

Features & Benefits of Explaindio Video creator

Drag & drop content creator: This makes it possible to create your video in just 3 simple steps. You only need to create an object, customize it, and then export & share your video.

WARP technology: powered by this technology, this video creation software makes it possible to create any kind of videos you want including 2D & 3D animated videos, custom, full motion, and explainer videos. You can also combine all these to create an all-in-one attention-grabbing video.

Little to no experience required:  You don’t need technical experience, weeks of training, or put hundreds of dollars and hours of work to use this software. The heavy lifting has been done for you so that you only need to select elements and fill in the blanks.

600 pre-made animated scenes: You can customize these scenes with images, videos, text and more to make them fit the need of your video.

Over 300+ fonts and 180+ pre-made text animations included: These help you create attention-grabbing animations, build engaging animated scenes, and make creative kinetic typography.

6 animated characters and 500 doodle sketch images: These come in handy if you want to create black & white or color doodle ketch videos. Each of the six characters comes with a set of animations.

Explaindio video creation software is fully compatible with Windows and Mac. The five-user agency license is available for a one-time $497. If you choose to go the subscription way, it is available for $37/m or $67/y.

All options are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. And just like that, you join over 35,000 people and businesses that use & trust Explaindio.

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Doodle videos come in handy when creating sales videos to showcase products or services, or just for sharing messages on websites, YouTube, or social media.

So, if you are a doodle video creator, then Doodleoze is a specialized video creation software that will help you create eye-catching doodle ketch videos that attract the attention of your visitors and convert them into buying customers in just 3 steps.

Whether you want to create blackboard, glass board, greenboard, or whiteboard doodle videos, this groundbreaking video creation software will help do the trick in just a few minutes.

The good part is, you don’t even have to be a video editing guru to use this software because no prior technical knowledge or experience is required.

The Best of Doodleoze video creator

Easy-to-use Interface:  No technical knowledge or prior experience required to start creating engaging and attention-grabbing doodle videos with this video creation software.

Save  money & time: You don’t have to pay a fortune anymore to have your marketing video created. You can do it yourself and save money and time.

Get more leads & sales: This sale converted video creation software is made with the needs of marketers in mind. It is focused on helping you make amazing, professional-quality doodle videos that drive traffic, leads, conversions, and sales.

Over 245 text animations:  Text effects like kinetic in, letter by letter, kinetic out, among others help you add eye-catching text effects in your video that fits the need of your project.

Draw on any board: From blackboard and whiteboard to paperboard and glassboard,  Doodleoze can draw on all these boards.

Drawing hands: This video creation software comes loaded with different drawing hands, and even allows you to import your own hands that fit your drawing needs.

It also comes loaded with 500 doodle sketch images in both black & white and color, 100 full HD background videos to enrich your videos, 300+ fonts, and step by step tutorials to get you started and never get lost!

The video creation software is also fully-fledged for Windows and Mac. You can leverage its outstanding features for a special limited time, early adopter price of $29/yr.

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Vidgeos video creator is a well-loved video creation and marketing software among the best and prolific marketing experts like Sam Bakker, Matt Schmitt, and Susie Romans.

This video creation software not only enables you to create and customize captivating videos with just a few drag & drops clicks but also integrates seamlessly with Amazon S3 to host your videos.

So, if you want a video creation software that will enable you to create engaging videos, host them, and use them to drive conversions all in one tool, Vidgeos is one of the best go-to options.

The tool is designed by marketers for marketers so that you can sweep the world with your marketing efforts without the need to hire another video creator.

The Best of Vidgeos

Automatic text translation: With Vidgeos, language is no longer a barrier when scaling your marketing services. Through smart video technology, this tool detects the language of the country where your viewers are located and translates the text in real-time!

Smart elements: With Vidgeos video creator, you can grab the attention of your audience by adapting your videos to your customers’ location. You can customize your videos to display the time, date, and city your customers are in.

User-friendly interface: You can drag-n-drop, point, or use single click customizations with dozens of drop-down selectable animations of text, icons, graphics, or other elements.

Live marketing calls to action: Instead of having layover CATs, Vidgeos enables you to create fully customizable buttons, email sign up forms, and countdown timers with CATs that are more dynamic and interactive.

Instant video publishing: With Vidgeos video creator, you save time rendering your videos. It supports instant video publishing and live editing to save you time.

24/7 customer support: In case you run into any problem during setup or have any questions, Vidgeos has a dedicated customer support team to help you out.

This video creation software is also stacked with voiceover recording and editing, a sleek video player, dozens of slide templates, and 2 steps s3 seamless integration.

You can get this groundbreaking video creation software for a one-time payment of $67.

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VidBullet is an incredible video creation software that you should have in your arsenal. The tool is excellent for creating VidBullets that are under two minutes long for news feed, multiple videos for businesses, and boosting productivity and growth while keeping video production costs to the minimum.

Whether you are a new-marketer, or an experienced pro seeking to supercharge your marketing efforts, drive traffic, engagement, boost sales and realize profits in your business, VidBullet can help you achieve all these without having to do a lot of work.

You can create VidBullets to promote your eCommerce store, digital products & services, affiliate marketing, or for freelancers creating video ads for clients.

Here are the top benefits of VidBullet:

Easy to use: You can create VidBullets faster in just 3 steps: pick a template, fill the form, and hit the create button.

Asset Library: VidBullet comes with a huge library of royalty-free stock images, audio, and videos.

Custom & instant voiceovers: You can add your own custom voice overs to your videos or use automated text-to-speech voice overs.

Zero editing: Using the VidBullet block system, you can create very effective videos within 3 minutes regardless of your skill or experience level.

Custom music & video clips:  You can upload your own music or video clip, transform it into a conversion-driving ad, and release it to engage your fans.

VidBulletFX: This video creation software comes loaded with popular fonts, color palettes, video transitions, and text effects that match your niche, brand, product, or service.

Zero scripting:  All you need to do is add a product or service description in a short scene-form. when you hit the produce video button, they will appear automatically.

Auto-publishing: You can auto-publish your videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo and save even more time.

This sale converted video creation software is also compatible with all browsers and mobile devices and is cloud-based so that you won’t have to deal with installations.

To leverage these amazing VidBullet features you can either go for a personal license at a $47 one-time fee or a commercial license at a $67 one-time fee.

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Last but not least, if you are already familiar with any video creation software but voice over is your obstacle to reach the maximum of your sale or marketing campaign, here we have Speechelo, instantly transform any text into a human-sounding voice over with only 3 clicks.

This guy comes with male and female voice, works in English and 23 other languages with over 30 human-sounding voices and it works with any video creation software.  

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